Überraschungsangriff ist die siebte Folge der zweiten Staffel von Suits. Sie lief am 02.August 2012 in den USA auf dem USA Network und lief am 06.Mai 2013 in Deutschland auf dem Bezahlsender FOX Channel. Sie wurde geschrieben von Genevieve Sparling und Regie führte Adam Davidson. Im Original heißt die Folge "Sucker Punch".


When a heated deposition ends with Harvey punching Travis Tanner in the face, Daniel Hardman suggests holding a trial run to prepare Jessica for the task of defending Harvey when it comes time for the real thing. Realizing they'll need an opponent willing to get nasty, they turn to the one person who may hate Harvey more than Tanner: Louis.

While Mike preps Louis to strengthen his attack, Harvey turns to a former colleague to help bolster Jessica's defense. What both sides know is that they'll need Donna, but as she makes it clear to Harvey, she's done trying to protect him. From now on, she's only worried about herself.

Meanwhile, as the trial run begins and the pressure rises, it quickly becomes clear that there will be no holding back. But when Donna returns and some surprising truths begin to surface, the weight of personal motivations soon threatens to derail everything. And with Harvey and Jessica so focused on preparing to beat Tanner, they may not see that they've left themselves open to an attack of another kind.




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