Alles auf Anfang ist die achte Folge der zweiten Staffel von Suits. Sie lief am 09.August 2012 in den USA auf dem USA Network und lief am 06.Mai 2013 in Deutschland auf dem Bezahlsender FOX Channel. Sie wurde geschrieben von Rick Muirragui und Regie führte Felix Alcala. Im Original heißt die Folge "Rewind".


With the vote for managing partner fast approaching, Harvey asks Mike to step up in order to turn the tide in Jessica's favor without her knowing it. Mike is only too eager to do a little bit of skullduggery for his mentor, so while Harvey takes a very personal day, Mike tries to get in touch with a former Pearson Hardman employee with ties to a dark piece of firm history...

Flashback to five years earlier, before Mike ever stumbled into the associate interviews. While Harvey is still planning his rise through the ranks at Pearson Hardman, Mike spends his days as a bike messenger and his nights trying to pick up girls with Trevor. But an intriguing proposal and some bad luck will soon change his path.

At the same time, Harvey sees his "in" when Jessica asks him to quietly investigate the disappearance of some money from the firm's escrow accounts. His search eventually leads to the very top of the Pearson Hardman food chain, and while Harvey has no problem crossing a few lines to get ahead, he doesn't see that the quest for a bigger office may have a price.




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