Volles Risiko ist die sechste Folge der zweiten Staffel von Suits. Sie lief am 26.Juli 2012 in den USA auf dem USA Network und lief am 29.April 2013 in Deutschland auf dem Bezahlsender FOX Channel. Sie wurde geschrieben von Karla Nappi und Regie führte John Scott. Im Original heißt die Folge "All In".


A trip to Atlantic City goes full tilt when a client with drinking and gambling problems manages to lose his energy company on a hand of poker. Harvey tries to nip the situation in the bud with a generous settlement, but when it becomes clear that the "new owner" of the company plans to go through with his take-over, Harvey and Mike ready for battle.

At the same time, a shared love of dance blossoms into a working partnership when Louis and Rachel take on a ballet master's case. Elsewhere in the office, Jessica looks into why an important motion in the Travis Tanner fraud case has been denied, only to learn that the judge is an old classmate with a score to settle.

Meanwhile, Harvey and Mike try to get their energy company problem dismissed by leaning on their client's history of alcohol abuse, but when the opposing council twists their words to his advantage, it starts to seem like the chips are stacked against them. However, with so much going wrong lately, Harvey will risk everything to make sure he doesn't come out a loser again, leaving Mike to worry that his mentor may be the one who has lost control.




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