Jessica: [...] I've just spent the last 24 hours fighting to keep our non-competes.
Rachel: The jury came back. We have an hour.

25th Hour is the sixteenth and final episode of the fifth season of Suits, and the 76th overall. It first aired on March 2, 2016.


As Mike's day of reckoning draws near, it threatens to shatter the lives of those closest to him. Faced with the uncertain outcome of his court battle, Mike makes the one play he has left.



Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Tricia Helfer as Evan Smith
  • Donzaleigh Abernathy as Gloria Danner
  • Scott Michael Campbell as Father Walker

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Mike takes the counter deal that Gibbs offered, which sentences him to a two year prison stint in exchange for Gibbs not coming after him, Louis or Jessica.
    • Harvey tries to undo the deal, and turn himself in since he was the one who hired Mike despite Mike having no degree; however, Mike refuses to allow Harvey to go to prison for a crime that Mike committed.
  • Mike officially pleads guilty to committing fraud and is sentenced to two years at Danbury Federal Prison; the judge orders him to be there in 72 hours.
  • Harvey, desperate for answers, finds out from the jury foreman that he was the only one who plead Mike as not guilty, while the overall verdict was going to be guilty. The jury foreman was able to convince the other 12 jurors to plead not guilty because Gibbs did not have a case. When Rachel lashes out at Mike for taking a deal and leaving her for two years, Mike comes to Harvey, asking whether he did the right thing. Knowing it would break Mike, Harvey lies and tells him that since the verdict was guilty, he did the right thing by signing a deal.
  • Robert Zane, with the help of former Pearson Specter associate Katrina Bennett, manage to find a loophole in Pearson Specter Litt's bylaws, which would allow Robert Zane to take all the partners and associates away from PSL. However, Louis digs up the forged government document that Katrina had done for him when she worked for him, and blackmails her into standing down.
  • Mike and Rachel decide to get married before he goes to prison; the Zanes decide not to show up, as they believe Mike is taking away Rachel's future. Mike, however, asks Laura to convince Robert to show up for Rachel's sake. Laura cannot successfully convince him. but Jessica does, telling him that while she regrets not trusting Robert with the truth from day one, he will regret not attending his own daughter's wedding.
  • Jack Soloff resigns from Pearson Specter Litt.
    • Jessica tries to keep him on board by mentioning his little legal indiscretion that Daniel Hardman used to blackmail him, which he gave her in order to gain her trust. However, he clarifies that what he did was a full-blown crime, and if she exposes him, then she'd be revealing that two crimes were committed by partners under her management in her own firm.
  • Harvey tries to cut a deal with Anita Gibbs to let Mike off the hook, but fails.
    • Angry, he tries to convince Mike to help him, and reveals that the verdict was not guilty, causing Mike to break down.
  • Not wanting to start their marriage with another secret, Mike reveals to Rachel that the verdict was not guilty; however, she still agrees to marry him the next day.
  • Harvey, Louis, Robert, Laura, Jessica and Donna attend the wedding; however, upon looking at Robert's face, Mike realizes his fear - that by marrying a fraud, Rachel won't be admitted into the Bar and will never achieve her dream of being a lawyer. Mike, whose own dream of being a legitimate lawyer was taken away from him, cannot bring himself to do the same to Rachel. He calls off the wedding, telling Rachel that after she passes the Bar and he gets out of prison, they can get married.
  • Jessica, Louis and Donna return to Pearson Specter Litt, only to find out that all of the employees have left the firm.
  • Harvey and Mike go together to the federal penitentiary, where they have a final discussion. Looking back on his life, Mike admits that he doesn't regret convincing Harvey to hire him, with Harvey adding that he'd do it all again if he could. Reminding Mike to watch his back, Harvey watches as Mike walks into the prison.


  • In the original script, Mike and Rachel were to get married. However, both Gabriel Macht and Aaron Korsh believed that they shouldn't get married at that moment, and the script was changed.


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