"You're at war, and you don't let the world see your weak spots."
"And who exactly am I at war with?"
"With the world. 'Cause if it was up to them, you'd be living in poverty your entire life [...] Because if they see one imperfection, they're going to pull on that string. And the next thing you know, you're going to be laid bare.

— Alan Pearson and Jessica Pearson

Alan Pearson was a surgeon and the father of Jessica Pearson.


"Because you're never here, that's why!"
"We've been over this, Virginia. I do my part."
"That's the problem, Alan. You think your part is just getting a paycheck."
"A paycheck? This family lives like no other family we know. [...] What I'm out doing is saving lives."
―Virginia Pearson and Alan Pearson[src]

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