"You said you had the mayor in your pocket."
"The mayor can't do everything."
"He can in Macau. Maybe I should just keep my money there.

— Albert Chan and Pat McGann

Albert Chan is a property developer and a business partner of Pat McGann.


"I don't give a shit about Chicago. I care about a return on my investment. I want to see progress on North Park this week, or I'm out."
―Albert Chan to Pat McGann[src]

Albert Chan is a property developer who formed a business relationship with Pat McGann. Having done work in Shanghai, he soon moved to Macau, working with the mayor there. Albert soon became an investor and partner in McGann's North Park project, and flew to Chicago to meet with McGann at a club, accompanied by a woman. Albert asks McGann how soon work could begin, and is dismayed when McGann informs him they must wait 90 days. Albert mentions McGann having the mayor in his pocket, with McGann claiming the mayor cannot do everything, only for Albert to state that the mayor in Macau can and that he should put his money there. As he leaves, he notifies McGann that he would revoke his money if the North Park project does not begin within the week.[1]



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