"You're a small fish, and you don't even swim in the pond anymore. But if I have to eat you alive to get to Cameron Dennis, I will."
— Alexandra Leeds to Harvey Specter

Alexandra Leeds is a prosecutor who works for the U.S. Attorney General's Office, tasked with investigating District Attorney Cameron Dennis over allegations of evidence tampering. She made her sole appearance in "Rules of the Game".


"Do you really think by deposing him on the stand you're going to intimidate him?"
"I think deposing him here will let him know what it will be like if this evidence is brought forward at trial."
"You're not getting to trial."
"If your client doesn't perjure himself right now, I won't have to."
Jessica Pearson and Alexandra Leeds[src]

Alexandra Leeds is a prosecutor at the Attorney General's Office who was assigned to investigate Cameron Dennis and the allegations that he was guilty of evidence tampering. Knowing that his current employees would not testify against him, Leeds subpoenaed Harvey Specter, although Harvey refused to rat on his mentor. After Harvey convinces Cameron to cut a deal, Cameron pins the blame on Harvey, claiming that Harvey was responsible for the crimes. However, using evidence given to him by Donna Paulsen, Jessica Pearson threatens to give Leeds and the Attorney General the damning evidence unless Cameron takes the blame for his crimes.[1]


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