"You're gonna gamble a man's company? You're gonna gamble for 30 million dollars?"
"It was your idea."
"No, it was my idea to make him take the 500,000."
"But it's not 500,000. It's 3.5 million. Why give him that when I can take it for free?"
"Okay. But let me take it."
"What? A minute ago, you were ready to fold. What are you gonna do if he goes all in?

Mike Ross and Harvey Specter

All In is the sixth episode of second season of Suits and the 18th overall. It first aired on July 26, 2012.


Harvey and Mike decide to pursue an unjust case due to Harvey's history with the client. Meanwhile, Louis and Rachel work together to protect an admired institution. Elsewhere, Jessica struggles with an old frenemy while she tries to defend the firm.


A phone begins to rings at the firm late one night, and Harvey puts down the call. He then calls Ray and tells him to bring him a tux and pick him up in his limo. Later, Mike is drinking while watching Diff'rent Strokes when Harvey knocks on his door. Harvey tells him to wear a tux because they have a "situation" in Atlantic City. When Mike tells Harvey he doesn't have one, Harvey reveals that he expected this, so he came prepared with an extra tux for Mike to wear.

Upon arrival at the casino, where Mike was actually banned in the past for counting cards, Harvey finds out that his friend, Keith Hoyt, is playing poker. This worries him since Keith is an alcoholic and a compulsive gambler. When they arrive at the table, Keith had just bet $3 million dollars, which he loses. He later reveals that he put up his company as collateral to Thomas Walsh for the money he borrowed and, since he lost, he also lost his company...with a contract signed on a napkin. While Harvey tries to talk to Tom and his lawyer, Mike explains to Keith that their napkin contract would be valid if it had the minimum requirements: an offer, acceptance, and consideration, all of which the napkin has.

Meanwhile, at a ballet event at the Royal Hall, Louis and Rachel see each other. Realizing that they are both alone, since the grieving Donna had bailed on Rachel, Louis invites Rachel to the extra seat beside him that he always has reserved. They bond during the performance. As they leave the hall, they hear a man screaming insults, and when Louis assumes that he was insulting the ballet, he almost argues with the man, only to realize that the man was in fact Sergei Baskov, the renowned ballet dancer. He tells Louis and Rachel that two of his dancers had sprained their ankles in their rehearsal space, so Louis offers to help his legal case against the hall.

The next day, Jessica is worried about Harvey playing poker, saying that he is reeling from the release of Donna. When Harvey tells Jessica that Donna is irreplaceable, Jessica decides to assign a temp to be Harvey's assistant. Jessica then finds out that the judge working on Harvey's fraud case had just denied the motion to seal. When she finds out that the judge is in fact an old classmate and rival, Ella Follman, on whom Jessica had once played a very dirty prank on to get rid of her as competition for a position they had both wanted, she realizes that the attack might be very personal, seeing as Follman has never really moved on from the prank.

Harvey then retrieves the security tapes from a woman he was flirting with at the hotel and has Mike review the security footage to count how many drinks Keith had before he signed the contract with Tom. When both parties finally bring the case to a judge, Harvey argues that since his client was drunk, he was not in a competent state of mind to make a decision, which Tom abused. Tom's lawyer, however, counters that while Keith was not, Harvey was sober when he offered them the money owed to him in exchange for the nullification of the napkin contract, so the judge moves that the case be brought to court.

Louis, on the other hand, assigns Rachel, despite her being a paralegal and not an associate, to help him with the case when he realizes that Harold Gunderson is clueless and ignorant about ballet.

At the office, Harvey meets his new temporary assistant, Cameron, and he ends up peeved when he realized that Cameron had gone to great lengths to try and impress him. He is, however, particularly annoyed that Cameron touched Donna's filing system but says nothing about it.

The current agendas at Pearson Hardman have been going very well: Harvey realizes that in order to win back the company, Keith should get interim control of the company while the trial is ongoing, and then asks Mike to find out more about Tommy; Rachel and Louis, who bond over the case, discover that the defective air conditioning system in the Royal Hall resulted in a toxic environment for the space; and Jessica tries to buy Follman out of Harvey's case by contributing to Follman's re-election campaign to imply a conflict of interest.

That is, until, setbacks occur for all parties: Tommy has had experience of running companies by hiring experts in fields he has no knowledge of, so the judge grants him interim control of the company; Sergei has apparently not paid his required share for the maintenance repairs of their ballet rehearsal space for more than a year, so the hall decides to take legal action against him and evict them; and Follman is still bitter towards Jessica and tries to refuse her donation, so Jessica resorts to blackmailing her about possibly looking like Follman had accepted the money as bribe but chickened out about it.

Just when Harvey was about to give up, saying that Tommy and his lawyer have "a better hand," after some pep talk from Mike, Harvey decides to use Keith's knowledge of the company's flaws to threaten the company's future in Tommy's hands. He tells them that he would rather see the company become worth nothing than let them have it. He then offers them three choices: they go on with the suit and both suffer losses; Keith/Harvey give back the $3.5 million Keith owes Tommy; or they can play poker for it, wherein the loser gets nothing, much to Mike's surprise and disapproval.

When Louis finds out that Sergei had lied to him about his financials and paying the hall, Louis is heartbroken that the man he idolized and trusted would take advantage of him. He opens up to Rachel, who reminds him that he is Louis, and that despite of Sergei's status, the ballet is bigger than Sergei and should not let that stop him. Louis then goes on and pays for Sergei's debts to the Royal Hall through Sergei's salary, which they would receive because Louis was able to convince the board to fire Sergei. He does, however, give Sergei the opportunity to leave gracefully on his own to avoid scandal.

As for Jessica's dilemma, Ella Follman herself summoned for Jessica to her office to confront her about her lies regarding the prank Jessica had played on her in law school. She tells her that she knew Jessica targeted her because they were in competition for a position, and the classroom Jessica had left her naked in was the classroom of the professor conducting the interviews. Although Jessica initially denies this, she admits to it when Ella says she will recuse herself from Harvey's case if Jessica does.

In Rachel's office, she tells Mike that she finds herself liking Louis, to which he replies that he's "been there" (referring to their short-lived camaraderie in "Discovery"), and she will get over it. When he sees Louis' Dictaphone with Rachel, he decides to play some of the recordings, much to Rachel's horror and amusement. However, the fun stops when Mike plays a recording of him and Harvey talking about Travis Tanner's lawsuit against them, realizing that Louis had used the record to tell Daniel Hardman.

Mike offers to play the poker game for Harvey, who refuses, saying Harvey could do it because "[he doesn't] play the odds, [he] play[s] the man." Also, he tells Harvey about Louis bugging his office and lets him hear the recording, infuriating Harvey enough to make him focus. At the poker game, Harvey talks a nervous Tommy into folding by going all in on his first move and taunting Tommy about his past and lack of expertise with anything. Tom folds, thinking Harvey was convincing him to call because he has a good hand. Harvey then reveals that he was bluffing and had a bad hand. After that, Tommy was nerved the rest of the game and never recovered, thus winning back Keith's company.

That evening, Jessica chastises Harvey for his irresponsibility, pointing out that it began getting worse after Donna's release. In a fit of anger, Harvey then goes to Louis' office, where Louis was practicing ballet, and confronts him about the recording on his Dictaphone, which Harvey had taken from Mike earlier. He then approaches Louis, and from inches away, Harvey threatens Louis, saying that Louis owes Harvey for letting that incident pass, and that someday, when Harvey needs something, Louis will deliver.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Scott Grimes as Thomas Walsh
  • Michael Des Barres as Sergei Baskov
  • Matthew Glave as Thomas Walsh's Lawyer
  • Peter Outerbridge as Keith Hoyt
  • Rachel Crawford as Ella Follman
  • Nicholos Rice as Judge Jonathan Barton
  • Erica Cox as Carmen Varges
  • Jordan Hudyma as Cameron
  • Rod Campbell as Simon Harrington
  • Clive Mclean as Gambler
  • Jessica Vandenberg as Ballerina
  • Erinn Hayes as Casino Employee

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Harvey takes Mike to a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey to deal with Keith Hoyt, one of Harvey's clients who is also an alcoholic and a gambler. When they get to the casino, they discover that Hoyt ran out of chips and put his company up as collateral to Thomas Walsh, whom he borrowed three million dollars from. When Hoyt loses the game, he also loses the company.
    • After a judge rules that Walsh now owns the company, Mike comes up with the idea to have Hoyt trash his former company so that the company would be worth nothing. Knowing that Walsh does not wish to lose his investment, Harvey convinces him to play poker for it - if Walsh wins, he would get the company; if he loses, not only does he return the company to Hoyt, but he must pay Hoyt $3.5 million. Harvey manages to win, although his tactic is berated by Jessica, who calls it reckless as he had no idea what kind of man Walsh is, citing that he could have been a professional poker player and that Harvey could have very well lost.
  • Jessica finds out that the motion to seal the firm's fraud investigation from the public record has been denied by a Judge Ella Follman, whom Jessica realizes is Ella Medeiros from their days at Harvard Law School. In order to beat Ella out of a job, Jessica got her drunk, stripped her of her clothes and placed it her naked in the economics classroom where the professor was conducting job interviews, thus preventing Ella from beating Jessica. Ella offers to stop going after Harvey and the firm if Jessica admits she did it, and Jessica does so, adding that she would do it all over again if she could.
  • Louis and Rachel handle a tenant dispute case involving the ballet, where Louis hands over his dictaphone to Rachel so that she may transcribe notes. Mike sees the dictaphone and goes through its messages, and hears a recorded conversation between him and Harvey discussing the Coastal Motors case. Realizing that Louis told Hardman, Mike passes the dictaphone as well as the recording over to Harvey, who goes to Louis' office and threateningly informs Louis that he now owes him a favor, which he will collect in the future.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 4
  • It is revealed that Mike had been banned from a casino in Atlantic City three years ago for counting cards.
  • Louis' "Litt Up!" catchphrase is mentioned for the first time.


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