"My name is Andrew Malik. And while you were kissing Cameron Dennis' ass working on high profile cases, I was three doors down, working 'til two in the morning putting the real criminals away. And you may not have remembered me then, but you're sure as hell going to remember me now."
— Andrew Malik to Harvey Specter

Andrew J. Malik is the former Deputy Attorney General for the State of New York and a former prosecutor working under Cameron Dennis at the New York County District Attorney's Office. He was later arrested after working with Charles Forstman to take down Harvey Specter and Sean Cahill.


Harvey Specter and Andrew Malik were colleagues at the DA's office, and while Harvey was primarily involved in high profile cases, Malik was working more on day-to-day cases, with a very good conviction record. He however felt under appreciated for his work, while Harvey was Cameron Dennis' favorite.

In "Shame", after having won 15 cases in a row, Mike Ross signs a client who is under investigation by Malik, and wants Harvey to win him in court, in order to prove to the world that Pearson Specter Litt is still a strong firm, despite the recent shake down.

Mike is however unaware that Harvey and Malik have a past, and Harvey does not remember Malik. With Malik coming up with no evidence to bring to court, he gets a story published in a newspaper, and convinces the judge to permit the article to be used as evidence, as he accuses Harvey of destroying evidence. He is successful as he brings in court Donna Paulsen and questions her about the destruction of the Coastal Motors memo. Mike finds out this plan, and Harvey and Mike strong-arm Malik to drop this case, or else be on the stand to admit his evidence-manufacturing.[1]

Having lost the case, Malik seeks revenge on Harvey by going after Jessica Pearson in order to get her disbarred, as she came out openly admitting to knowing Mike Ross was a fraud.[2]

In order to exact vengeance on Malik, Harvey represents Jim Allen, a boxing promoter whom Malik is prosecuting for allegedly fixing a match to net $2,000,000 in profit. Knowing that Jim wouldn't risk losing his empire for a measly $2 million, Harvey and Robert Zane discover that one of the fighters, Ricky Crosby, is suffering from brain damage and purposely lost the match, believing his career would be ending soon and wanting the $2 million to support his family. As Malik's prosecution cost Jim his license and revenue, Harvey and Robert sue Malik on Jim's behalf for compensation through the Wrongful Prosecution Act; additionally, they force Malik to issue a public apology for prosecution an innocent man, thereby barring him from being promoted into higher office.[3]



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