"We advise all our clients that investments carry risk. You want a risk-free return, buy Treasury bills. Or, I don't know, hide your money under the mattress."
— Anthony Mazlo

Anthony Mazlo is a criminal responsible for embezzling millions of dollars from Stable Shelters.


"Have you ever been to Liechtenstein, Mr. Mazlo?"
"You know, I've been to many places. Among them, Liechtenstein."
"Really? Well, of those many places, did you open seven different bank accounts, the amounts of which add up to exactly the same amount of money that disappeared from Lucille Jackson's endowment fund?"
Harvey Specter, Anthony Mazlo and Louis Litt[src]

Anthony Mazlo was the head of an investment firm that embezzled millions of dollars from Lucille Jackson's accounts. Initially denying the embezzlement, Mazlo attempted to portray his second-in-command, Elliot Perkins, as a scapegoat following Elliot's death. However, with the help of Louis Litt and Lola Jensen, Harvey Specter was able to obtain proof of Mazlo's crimes. In exchange for no criminal prosecution, Mazlo returned the stolen money and resigned from his position.[1]


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