"First of all, we weren't at fault. Mr. Santana was the one who ran the red light and hit us. That basic fact notwithstanding, he has no case. It is a frivolous lawsuit with no foundation in the law and is completely lacking in merit. This is a matter for the insurance companies, not the courts."
Harvey Specter[1]

Bail Out is the fifth episode of the first season of Suits and the fifth overall. It first aired on July 21, 2011.


Mike receives a visit from his old friend Trevor, who is again in need of help; Harvey finds himself being forced to choose between closing a deal that will prove to be extremely lucrative or helping his trusted driver defend himself from a lawsuit.


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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Harvey Atkin as Judge Nicholas Palermo
  • José Zúñiga as Tony Santana
  • Susan Saint James as Joy McAfee
  • Ivan Martin as Victor
  • Anand Rajaram as Rahim "Ray" Benghazi
  • Julian DeZotti as Devon
  • Sean Bell as Miguel
  • Lenka Matuska as Marcella
  • Jennifer Mote as Claudia
  • Evan Cameron as Pizza Delivery Guy
  • Jeff Teravainen as Beat Cop
  • Stephen Sparks as Butler
  • Christopher Stadulis as Cop

Major/Highlighted Events

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Cultural References


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  1. Worthington, C. David vs. Goliath. In Metro Edition. Vol. 210, No. 170. From newspapers Jessica put on Harvey's desk. Bail Out (July 21 2011). Season 1, Episode 5.
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