Benjamin: Six months ago, I was at Connolly White. The network went haywire. We were in a breach-of-contract litigation worth $400 million. They needed it fixed in an hour. No one thought it could be done. I had the network up and running again in 23 minutes. Is that dramatic enough for you?
Mike: Wow. You're, like, a regular Zuckerberg.
Benjamin: Zuckerberg? Zuckerberg couldn't code his way out of a paper bag.

—Benjamin and Mike Ross, Undefeated

Benjamin is an IT specialist working at Zane Specter Litt. As the person in charge of the law firm's entire computer and server network, Benjamin manages, and repairs all the computers as well as protects the network from outside attacks. He is one of the few employees that continued to work for the firm after most of the employees left, following Mike Ross's conviction.


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