"So you guys own this place too?"
"You don't grow like we do without taking some chances.

Derrick Mayes and Blake Everett

Blake Everett is one of the vice presidents of Ickaris' Corporate Affairs division who made his sole appearance in "The Former City Attorney".


"I think the guy who created a start-up valued at $100 million knows what he's doing."
"Oh, no, I... I'm sure he does. It's just, you know, spending a fortune on a corporate playground, it just, uh, when you have warehouse workers on food stamps, kind of seems like a backwards strategy."
"You'll have to excuse Ms. Castillo. She's our resident contrarian."
"That's okay. She's not the first person to say it. But you are the first from an administration vying for our business."
―Blake Everett, Yoli Castillo and Derrick Mayes[src]

Blake Everett, as one of the VPs of Ickaris' Corporate Affairs, was tasked with touring several US cities in order to sign a deal for Ickaris' second headquarters. Wanting Ickaris to choose Chicago, Yoli Castillo and Derrick Mayes were tasked by Jessica Pearson and Mayor Bobby Novak respectively to give Blake a tour of the city. During the tour, Yoli criticizes and insults him for spending a fortune on a new corporate building while his company's workers rely on food stamps. While Blake had heard such criticisms before, it had not been from a member of an administration attempting to court him, and leaves insulted.

Blake gives Derrick a tour at one of the company's factories, where Blake reveals that he is soon flying to Atlanta to meet its mayor, adding that 18 other cities are vying to make a deal with Ickaris. Derrick, who had apologized on Yoli's behalf, attempts to sway Blake to pick Chicago by claiming that others are saying the same thing as Yoli and that, if he picks them, Novak's grassroots organizations, a corporate accountability team, would partner with them where both sides would benefit as a result. Blake replies that he believes Chicago would benefit more, but states that if the city were willing to give tax cuts on every community concession, he would reconsider. Derrick then asks whether Ickaris would issue a public statement that Chicago is one of their top three choices in return for getting Novak to sign off on the tax cuts, and Blake gives his word. Derrick manages to smooth things out with Blake, and the contract is signed.[1]



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