Harvey: Get it through your goddamn head! You're not like other lawyers! You break attorney-client privilege, nothing different happens with Liam. But they're sure as shit gonna look into you. And you and I both know what they're gonna find.
Mike: What difference does it make what they find? There's such a thing as right and wrong. And we're wrong!
Harvey: You know what? I have had it up to here with you blaming me for every hard choice that comes with this job.

Harvey Specter and Mike Ross

Blind-Sided is the eleventh episode of the second season of Suits and the 23rd overall. It first aired on January 17, 2013.


Harvey and Mike take on a criminal suit that hits close to home for Mike, who struggles to separate his personal feelings from the facts of the case.


S02E11P001 Mike Tess

Mike smoking in his apartment

Mike Ross is smoking in his apartment when he is approached by Tess, who is wrapped in just a sheet. She informs him that they are out of pizza, before being handed the cigarette by Mike. She asks whether his smoking indicates he isn't going back to Pearson Hardman the next day, and whether he is scared to do so, but Mike replies that he is looking forward to going back, and that he is simply celebrating. Tess asks whether the reason he is looking forward to going back is to talk to Rachel Zane; Mike becomes defensive, saying that Rachel is just a friend, but Tess is not convinced.

The next day, at Pearson Hardman, Harvey Specter enters his office, only to find Donna waiting for him in his chair. She gives him some messages regarding ongoing cases, before revealing that he received a message from Zoe Lawford. Donna asks Harvey why Zoe would be calling, and after some pressuring, he reveals that he called her to ask her on a date. Their conservation is interrupted by Louis Litt, who begins to discuss one of the onasgoing cases with Harvey, but Harvey cuts him off, saying that he "[doesn't] give a shit what [Louis] needs". Louis confronts Harvey regarding his animosity towards him, saying that what happened with Daniel Hardman was over a week ago, and Harvey should "get over it", but Harvey angrily asks him to leave. Louis responds that he wasn't the only senior partner to support Hardman, and that in the end he supported Harvey, but Harvey still isn't swayed.

Mike goes to see Rachel, and he attempts to apologize for his actions. However, Rachel is still upset, and questions Mike on whether he told Tess what happened between them before he slept with her. Mike responds by telling her that Tess is married, to which Rachel is speechless. Harvey enters the office and asks Mike if he is ready to start working again, but Mike asks him to give Rachel and himself a minute; Harvey responds by informing Mike that they have a new case which cannot wait, and the two of them leave.

Harvey and Mike go to see an Gillian Colson, an old client of Harvey's, who needs their assistance with a problem regarding her son, Liam. He informs them that he was involved in an accident, to which Mike begins interrogating him on whether he had been drinking. Liam states that he hadn't, but then reveals that he drove away from the accident, and doesn't know what happened to the person he hit. As they leave, Harvey questions Mike on his directness when questioning Liam, and suggests that it would be better if he was to sit the case out. Mike attempts to defend his actions, but Harvey interrupts him, saying that he understands why this case would be hard for Mike after what happened with his parents, but he cannot have Mike getting emotional on this case. Mike replies that he said he was on board, and Harvey relents, allowing him to stay.

Harvey goes to inspect the damage to the car Liam was driving, and states that the minimal damage and position will help them, as it corroborates Liam's story that he didn't see the other person. Mike approaches them and reveals the identity of the other person as Albert Chung, who was rushed to hospital the previous night after a 911 call; Liam then confirms that he was the one to make the call, which Harvey says he should have told them. Mike informs them that despite sustaining some injuries, including a concussion, Albert is stable. Harvey informs Liam that he has to turn himself in, despite the fact that it was an accident, as it will put then in a better position.

Liam makes the decision to turn himself in, and is escorted to the police station by Mike, who assures him that he will not be sent to jail. Liam asks Mike how he can be sure, and Mike tells him that he knows Harvey. Liam is still nervous, so Mike reveals to him his own history, and how he was arrested for possession when he was sixteen. He promises Liam that he will be home by the end of the day.

Louis is having lunch with Sheila Sazs, and the two of them flirt with one another regarding Louis' recent promotion. He informs Shelia that, as senior partner, he is allowed to hire an associate as his own, and requests that she line up interviews with the best possible graduates, which she agrees to do. After some further flirtation, Shelia suggests that Louis visit her at her hotel the following evening, before leaving.

Harvey and Mike go and see Katrina Bennett, the Assistant District Attorney; they present their case to her, stating that since it is only a minor offence, and Liam turned himself in to the police, they are willing to accept maximum community service and a fine, but nothing more. Katrina, however, asks whether they are willing to pay funeral costs, revealing that Albert Chung died from his injuries, despite initially appearing to be stable. Such a felony would normally be 12–15 years in jail, but Katrina offers them 10 years, despite Mike's objections that it was an accident, before leaving.

At Pearson Hardman, Louis is conducting interviews for the position as his new associate. He lists the many achievements of his interviewee, Maria Monroe, before stating that such achievements do not impress him, and gives her five minutes to prove why she "is the one". She responds by saying that she doesn't need five minutes, as she is the one, and already has offers from the top three firms in New York. Louis counters by saying that Pearson Hardman is a top three firm, but Maria suggests otherwise given that they haven't offered her an interview until now, and states that he should submit a formal offer by the next day if he wants her to even consider working at the firm. Louis interrupts her and steps out of his office, dismissing the other four interviewees waiting there, saying that the position has been filled. He then offers to give Maria a tour of the firm, but she declines.

In Harvey's office, Mike informs his superior that Albert Chung was wearing entirely black when he was knocked down, as he was tagging a wall with graffiti just prior to the accident and did not wish to be seen. Mike asks if Harvey intends to use this information to "stick it to Katrina", but he replies that Mike will do so instead, as given that Katrina's agenda is to beat him, Mike will be able to obtain a better deal going alone. Mike goes to see Katrina, and presenting her with the evidence they have, she agrees to accept the deal they proposed. She states that her desire is to work at Pearson Hardman, and asks that in return for her accepting Mike's deal, he put in a good word for her with Harvey.

Mike goes to see Harvey, and informs him of what Katrina asked him to do. Harvey, however, is unworried, as since Katrina signed the plea deal, she cannot renege on their deal if he refuses to interview her, which he is under no obligation to do. He then informs Mike that they need to settle with Albert Chung's family; Mike is hesitant about going to see them so soon after Albert's death, and relays to Harvey his own memories of when he and his grandmother were visited by a lawyer, Nick Rinaldi, after his parents died. He requests that Harvey let him be the one to talk to them, and though Harvey is skeptical of whether he can handle it, he agrees.

At Pearson Hardman, Mike finds Rachel in the file room, and requests that she not tell anyone else what he revealed to her about Tess. Mike confronts her regarding her supposed judgmental attitude towards him, saying that he isn't "little miss perfect" like her. Rachel, however, reveals that she too once had an affair, and chastises Mike for being the one to now judge her. As she leaves, she remarks to him that his affair with Tess will only end badly.

Mike goes to see Albert Chung's family, and informs them how devastated Liam is by what happened. Albert's sister informs Mike that all they want is enough money to cover Albert's debts and funeral costs, which amounts to $20,000. Mike in turn offers them $100,000, the maximum amount that Harvey said Mike could offer them, and Albert's family gratefully accept.

Louis arrives at Sheila's hotel suite and finds her already waiting for him, wearing very little. She interrupts him as he approaches her, and asks who the front-runner is for the associate position. He immediately replies that it is Maria Monroe, to which Sheila states that she already knows, but that she wasn't going to just "serve up [her] best candidate on a silver platter". Louis informs Sheila that he will need her help in closing Maria, to which she eagerly agrees. Sheila then asks Louis if he requires a safe word, which he declines, and the two of them proceed to have intercourse.

Harvey knocks on the door to Zoe's house, and it opens to reveal a young girl named Olivia. She asks Harvey where his flowers are, saying that "if [he wants] a date, [he is] supposed to bring flowers". Zoe then approaches the two of them, and requests that Olivia go up stairs. Harvey inquires whether Zoe perhaps forget to tell him something, and after initially joking that Olivia is Harvey's daughter, Zoe informs him that Olivia is her niece, and that she is looking after her for her brother. Harvey offers to join the two of them, and Zoe agrees.

Tess returns to Mike's apartment only to find him having already begun smoking, to which Mike states that he just "couldn't wait". He tells her about the great day he had, and how he managed to negotiate the settlement with the Chung family. He gets a call from Harvey, who informs him that Liam's plea deal has come through, and requests that Mike visit Liam so they can wrap up the deal. Tess questions whether Mike should do so given that he is high, but Mike is undeterred.

Back at Zoe's house, Zoe informs Harvey that Olivia has asked for him to kiss her good night. Harvey gladly agrees to do so, despite Zoe stating that it is not necessary. She requests that he kiss her good night afterwards, but Harvey kisses her there and then, taking Zoe by surprise.

Mike visits Liam, and takes him through the deal he arranged with Katrina. He assures Liam that there will be no more problems after he has signed the deal, and Liam does so, though he comments on the fact that he is only getting community service and a fine. Mike states that Liam seems disappointed; Liam subsequently thanks Mike for his efforts in breaking the deal, but points out that it could have been a lot worse, and chastises himself for his actions. Mike attempts to comfort him by stating that the Chung family doesn't blame Liam for what happened, but Liam reveals that whilst he wasn't drunk when the accident occurred, he was high. Mike berates him for not telling them sooner, and lies to Liam when he asks whether it is still a done deal.

The next day at Pearson Hardman, Harvey arrives at his office to find Mike waiting for him. Mike informs him that they can no longer submit the deal they brokered with Katrina, as Liam was on drugs when he crashed, and thus it was not an accident. Harvey responds by saying that nothing has changed, as they did not know Liam was high when they submitted the deal, and that the knowledge is privileged information. Mike questions his superior's decision not to act, as the Chung family believe their son was to blame, and states that if he doesn't tell them he is no better Nick Rinaldi. Harvey, however, does not believe that to be so, and reveals that he knows Mike offered the Chung family more than they requested. He requests that Mike let it go, but Mike storms out of the office in anger.

Louis finds Maria Monroe waiting for him, and she informs him that she accepts his offer of employment at Pearson Hardman. Their discussion is overhead by Donna, and Louis proceeds to introduce the two of them. He informs her that Maria is "a machine", and will "run circles around Mike Ross". As he leaves to get them some cake, Maria asks Donna who Mike Ross is, and questions whether he is a first year from Harvard. Donna replies he is, but Maria reveals that she was secretary of her class, and there was no one named Mike Ross in her year. Donna lies and says that Mike clerked for three years, and thus not in her class, and Maria replies that she "look[s] forward to meeting him".

S02E11P079 Nick

Nick Rinaldi

Mike visits Nick Rinaldi's office, and pretends that he accidentally killed someone driving whilst drunk. He requests Nick's assistance, but Nick declines, stating that he no longer takes cases like that. Mike becomes angry and asks whether he remembers taking the case of the drunk driver that killed his parents. Nick states he has no recollection of the case, and Mike attempts to remind him by relaying his own memory of when Nick visited himself and his grandmother, and how Nick subsequently screwed them over. Nick doesn't deny it may have occurred, but that it happened so many times he doesn't remember that specific case. He asks what Mike wants from him, and Mike responds by questioning how he lives with himself with some of the things he has done. Nick replies that even though he does not recall the case, he still regrets what he did to Mike. However, his statement does little to console Mike, and he angrily states that if he ever sees Nick again, he had better remember his parents' names.

Back at Pearson Hardman, Harvey approaches Jessica and asks whether she was aware Louis had hired a new associate for himself. Jessica replies that he is entitled to do so, but Harvey states that she has to stop him. She responds by requesting that he let go of the animosity he has towards to Louis. Harvey pulls her into the conference room, and informs her that Maria was secretary of Mike's "class" at Harvard, and could expose him as a fraud. Jessica is sceptical that Maria would remember everyone in the class, but Harvey states that she does. Jessica voices her annoyance that Mike's lie is again going to cause her problems. She requests Louis visit her in her office, and reveals to him that he will have to rescind the offer he made to Maria, as after the firm's recent turmoil, she has decided to impose a hiring freeze. Louis, however, suggests that Jessica is merely punishing him for voting against her, but Jessica is undeterred, and orders him to find a way to rescind the offer, before dismissing him.

Mike is in the courtroom waiting for his case to begin, and as Katrina arrives, he informs her that he wants to help her win the case. He reveals to her that Liam was high when he hit Albert Chung, and though he is unwilling to tell her how he came to know such information, she thanks him for it. As the case begins, Katrina stands and informs the judge that they entered into a plea deal the previous day, and after a brief moment, the judge announces that the case is closed. Mike confronts Katrina on why she didn't use what he told her, and she reveals that she knows what he told her was privileged information. Mike questions whether she cares that Liam was driving under the influence, but Katrina responds by stating that she cannot prove that to be the case. Mike asks her how she will be able to sleep at night, but Katrina turns the question back on him, and asks how he will be able to sleep knowing he tried to "sell out a 20asyear old kid". Mike questions her integrity given that she was supposedly willing to bribe him to gain a position at Pearson Hardman, but Katrina is unfazed, and suggests Mike is the one lacking in integrity given that he was willing to break privilege, before leaving.

In Harvey's office, Donna informs her superior that Katrina Bennett called, and that "the deal is done". She questions what Harvey did, to which Harvey responds that he "did what [he] had to do". Donna continues to question whether he wants Katrina to be the second person he hires, but Harvey rebuffs her concerns.

Louis goes to see Sheila in her hotel suite again, and presents with a bottle of wine. He informs her that he has had to rescind the offer to Maria Monroe, to which she states her disappointment. Louis defends himself by stating that he was forced to do so by Jessica, but Sheila questions whether he is the "strong, powerful senior partner" she believed him to be. Louis states that he is, but Sheila is unconvinced given what has happened with Maria, and requests that he leave. Louis is unwilling to do so, but Sheila angrily states that she put her reputation on the line to help him close Maria. Louis again states that his hands are tied given that Jessica has implemented a hiring freeze, but Sheila counters by informing Louis that Harvey hired a new associate that day, leaving Louis speechless.

Mike confronts Harvey in his office, and questions his decision to hire Katrina. Harvey replies that after looking into her, he found she was a "stellar candidate", but Mike isn't fooled, and states that he bribed her. Harvey refutes Mike's suggestion, stating that "she put the deal through, then [he] offered her a job", adding that he could see that Mike was going to inform Katrina of what Liam told him. Mike states again that he bribed her, and Harvey angrily agrees, adding that he did so to protect Mike, as if it was found out that Mike broke attorneyasclient privilege, his secret would soon be revealed. Mike is unwilling to accept Harvey's statement, stating that "there is such thing as right and wrong, and [they were] wrong". Harvey states that he won't think twice about sending Mike packing if a similar situation occurs again, and after telling Mike to get his act together, he leaves.

Mike informs Liam that the deal is done, but interrupts him before Liam can thank him, saying that he has to live with the fact that Liam killed someone. Liam replies by saying that he too has to live with it, and that what happened makes him sick. Mike tells him that he doesn't deserve what he has been given, and he should find a way to make up for Albert Chung's death.

S02E11P106 Harvey

Harvey visiting Zoe

Harvey goes to see Zoe again, and she is surprised to find that he has brought a bouquet of flowers. However, he states that the flowers are for Olivia, and asks her whether she wishes to come with him for a weekend away. Zoe reluctantly informs Harvey that she cannot go away with him, as her brother has terminal cancer, and she has to take care of Olivia. Harvey asks Zoe why she didn’t tell him sooner, to which she replies that she didn't expect him to stay when he found out Olivia was staying with her, but that she was happy that he chose to do so. She informs him that she will be leaving soon, and Harvey goes to console her.

Mike arrives at his apartment to find Tess waiting for him, wearing only her underwear. She inquires how the case he was working on went, but he brushes her off. She invites him to join her on the bed, but Mike states that he can no longer continue their affair. He asks Tess whether she loves her husband, and after she replies that she doesn't know, he states that what they are doing is wrong, and he no longer wishes to be a part of what they are doing. Tess asks Mike what he would do if she wasn't married, but he asks her to leave, and she does so.


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Major/Highlighted Events

  • Harvey and Mike tackle a case for Gillian Colson, one of Harvey's old clients. Her son Liam hit someone after a party the night before and drove away. The case becomes personal for Mike as he lost his parents due to a drunk driving accident. The case is being tried by Assistant District Attorney Katrina Bennett, who wishes to make the same jump Harvey did years prior and accepts Mike's plea offer if he puts in a word on her behalf to Harvey, so that he may hire her at Pearson Hardman. However, with the deal having gone through, Harvey decides since her hiring wasn't conditional, he is not going to hire another associate.
    • Mike is notified by Liam that he was high, prompting Mike to break attorney-client privilege to get Katrina to discard the deal. Anticipating Mike's actions and knowing that breaking privilege would get him investigated, which would expose his fraud, Harvey calls Katrina and offers her a job at the firm as a senior associate if she gets the deal passed through, which she does.
  • As he is now a senior partner, Louis is allowed to hire an associate of his own. Working with Sheila Sazs, whom he begins a sexual relationship with, he hires her top candidate, Maria Monroe. When Maria discloses that she was secretary of her class at Harvard Law School and thus knows the name of every student there, adding that she had never heard of a Mike Ross before, Donna passes it on to Harvey, who notifies Jessica.
    • Jessica implements a "hiring freeze" and tells Louis to rescind his offer to Maria. When Louis informs Sheila, she asks him why Harvey Specter was allowed to hire a senior associate if the firm was undergoing a hiring freeze.
  • Mike, after going through his crusade on morality, meets up with Nick Rinaldi, the lawyer who came to Edith Ross to make a settlement before she even held a wake for her dead son. He also breaks off his affair with Tess, who reveals that she is unsure whether she loves her husband. Mike tells her to leave and that he needs to get his act together.
  • Harvey engages in a relationship with Zoe Lawford, although he is forced to break it off when Zoe tells him that her brother is dying of cancer and that she is moving away to raise her niece.

Cultural References

  • When Donna toys with Harvey's messages, he tells her that he's not Charlie Brown, she isn't Lucy van Pelt and that the messages aren't a football.
  • Sheila Sazs tells Louis that she heard about his promotion on Twitter.
  • Louis tells Sheila that his new position offers him an associate of him, which he refers to as a Boy Wonder to his Batman. "The Boy Wonder" is one of Robin's nicknames. Sheila then refers to Louis as "Dark Knight". Louis later refers to himself as Batman again.
  • Harvey quotes "Your next mission, should you choose to accept it." from Mission Impossible.
  • Harvey mentions Bugs Bunny.
  • Harvey mentions Apocalypse Now.
  • Harvey mentions 'N Sync.


  • Goddamn Counter: 2
  • Zoe Lawford and her niece Olivia are played by Gabriel Macht's wife Jacinda Barrett and their daughter Satine.
  • A week has passed since the previous episode while a year has passed since the first episode, as Mike is now a second-year associate.
  • Rachel reveals that she has had an affair with a married man in the past.
  • Mike mentions that his parents, who are revealed to be named James and Nina Ross, died in 1992. In previous episodes, Mike has stated that his parents died when he was 11 years old, which means Mike was born in 1981.


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