"I figured since I'm living on borrowed time, I might as well tell him the truth."
Mike Ross to Harvey Specter

Borrowed Time is the eighth episode of the sixth season of Suits and the 84th overall. It first aired on August 31, 2016.


Harvey counters Cahill's star witness; Mike tries to deliver a witness himself; Jessica and Rachel try to delay Leonard's execution; Louis adjusts to life as the other man.


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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Amanda Lisman as Jill Miller
  • Jeffrey Smith as Phillip Allen
  • Michelle Lonsdale-Smith as Harriet Deon
  • Michael Boisvert as Guard #6
  • Brendan McMurtry-Howlett as Host #1
  • Robin Archer as Host #2

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Since Jill Miller was the one who received the inside information from Phillip Allen, Jill is indicted and faces a prison sentence. Harvey Specter attempts to convince William Sutter to cut a deal to save her, although Sutter refuses, claiming that Jill is nothing without him and that he has no qualms about her being incarcerated. Harvey secretly record the convesation and shows it to Jill and Kevin Miller, and she agrees to testify against her father in exchange for full immunity.
    • After Jill agrees to testify, Sutter realizes Harvey sold him out and reluctantly signs a deal that sentences him to three years in prison. As Mike Ross was the one who led Jill to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Sean Cahill's original deal is upheld and Mike is informed that he is prison sentence is over.
  • Louis begins a relationship with Tara Messer despite the fact that Tara already has a boyfriend. However, he is conflicted when Tara reveals that her boyfriend, Joshua, is returning to New York.
  • Jessica Pearson and Jeff Malone rekindle their relationship, although it is cut short when it is revealed that Jeff is moving back to Chicago. Jeff admits that he would have asked Jessica to come with him but knew she wouldn't, to which Jessica explains that she cannot abandon her firm as she spent her life building it; Jeff states that he understands her decision and does not judge her for it, but that he will be returning to Chicago regardless.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 13
  • This episode was directed by Gabriel Macht.
  • This episode is revealed to be taking place in July 2016; Louis mentions that the current year is 2016 while Harvey's phone lists a date of July 5, 2016.


  • Harvey's phone carrier is shown to be Fido, a Canadian cellular service provider. While the show is filmed in Canada, it is set in the United States, and therefore Harvey would not have Fido as a carrier.


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