Mike: Donna, Harvey's been operating under the assumption that we never had this memo, all right? At some point, that assumption is gonna bite him in the ass, and the later it happens, the bigger the bite.
Donna: Nobody is going to believe that a file that important just got lost. They'll think that I got rid of it and that Harvey told me to do it.
Mike: This memo is part of a legal proceeding. Shredding it is a crime.
Donna: Like practicing law without a license is a crime? Unlike you, I didn't do this on purpose, and I am protecting Harvey the best way that I know how.

Mike Ross and Donna Paulsen

Break Point is the fifth episode of the second season of Suits and the 17th overall. It first aired on July 19, 2012.


Harvey finds himself undermined by the arrival of Allison Holt, and Mike works to emancipate a tennis prodigy from his father. Meanwhile, Donna is forced to make a decision which could change her entire future at Pearson Hardman.


Harvey and Jeffrey meet up with a teenage tennis prodigy, Marco Mendoza, that Jeffrey wants to sign. Harvey then signs Mike the case and allows him to go to court. Marco is still under custody of his parents and they prohibit him from going pro. Marco then makes up a story about his father abusing him to file for emancipation. However, Mike realizes Marco lied and his father wasn't there the day the charges were made.

Donna tries to shred the memo to protect Harvey, but Mike finds out. Harvey almost signs the affidavit that states that the firm never got the memo, but Mike interferes by spilling coffee over it. He then tells Harvey that signing the affidavit would be committing perjury and the destruction of evidence. Harvey consults Donna in the restroom and angrily lectures her. He says he'll kill her but won't fire her.

Louis brings his sick cat to work only to give Harold allergies. Later, after taking his cat to the dentist, finds out his cat had a system failure and had to be put down. Rachel consults Louis and tells him that he should show as much care to his associates as he showed his cat. She asks Mike for a signed ball from Marco and gives it to Louis, showing respect and care for her boss.

Jessica, Daniel, Allison and Harvey figure out a deal breaker. Allison wants a settlement but Harvey wants to win. Daniel and Jessica go out in a cold battle over the case and decide to protect Harvey, the firm, and Jessica's position by firing Donna. Jessica fires Donna and she packs her things. Mike and Rachel are shocked to see Donna go, fully believing that Harvey will do something to keep her at Pearson Hardman. Harvey, however, stood near the elevators waiting for Donna. He doesn't say anything but instead presses the elevator button. Harvey watches while Donna goes.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Diane Neal as Allison Holt
  • Julian Alcaraz as Marco Mendoza
  • Patrick Garrow as Jeffrey
  • Conrad Dunn as Oscar Mendoza
  • Abena Malika as Jennifer Randall
  • Sandi Ross as Cherine Randall
  • Joel Rinzler as Mitch Santoro
  • Terri Catlin as Judge Sylvia Feldman

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Daniel Hardman hires an attorney named Allison Holt as outside counsel to help defend the firm from being sued for fraud. However, it becomes clear that Holt does not believe that Harvey did not receive the memo. She presents a deal from Travis Tanner, which includes Pearson Hardman settling for millions, paying for all the legal fees incurred thus far as well as revoking Harvey's partnership and reporting him to the New York State Bar; Jessica rejects the deal.
  • Mike realizes that Donna has the buried memo and tells her to tell Harvey or he would. However, when Allison presents Jessica with an affidavit that states that the firm did not receive the memo, which Jessica makes Harvey sign, Mike spills coffee on it to prevent Harvey from committing perjury. Mike then notifies Harvey that Donna has the memo, and Harvey confronts Doona. Harvey says that finding the memo is a good thing and that she should not have hidden it from him, only to be enraged when he realizes Donna has shredded the memo. He then informs Allison, Hardman and Jessica about the situation.
    • Jessica has Hardman fire Allison as the latter has no faith in Harvey's conviction.
    • Donna's employment at Pearson Hardman is terminated by Jessica.

Cultural References

  • When asked how important documents get from the mail room to her hands, Donna states that it is due to a transporter beam. Allison then tells her that mentioning Star Trek to a jury would just compound their problem.
  • Louis mentions Michael Vick.
  • Harvey tells Mike that he has seen Ronin.


  • Goddamn Counter: 7
  • Harvey reveals that it is July, meaning that the events of this episode are occurring in July 2012, the same month and year the episode aired in the real world.
  • Harvey's father is mentioned for the first time. Harvey later listens to saxophone records in his office, and it is revealed that his father was the musician.
  • Donna is revealed to be from Cortland, New York.
  • It is revealed that Harvey began his legal career as a rookie in the mail room.


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