"Well, you're nothing but a crowing cock. And the last cock that walked into my office learned what all the other cocks learned: that I eat cock for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."
"Louis, you're gonna let me in that deposition tomorrow whether you like it or not.
"Why, because you're gonna run to Jessica?"
"No, simply because I'm gonna tell everyone here in the office that you said you eat cock for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Louis Litt and Jeff Malone

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is the second episode of the fourth season of Suits and the 46th overall. It first aired on June 18, 2014.


Harvey and Mike are on opposite sides of a takeover; Louis is partnered with a recent SEC defector in defending the firm.


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Major/Highlighted Events

  • Jeff Malone officially resigns from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and becomes Pearson Specter's new senior partner. He is assigned by Jessica Pearson to handle Eric Woodall and has Louis Litt hand over one of the cases for his clients to him, which Louis accidentally agrees to.
  • Jessica presents Malone with the corner office that was previously used by Stephen Huntley and Dana Scott, although she ends up giving it to Louis instead and lets Malone have Louis' old office.
  • Mike Ross meets Logan Sanders for the first time, and Sanders offers $30 million to Sidwell Investment Group if Mike walks away. Mike refuses the deal, since Logan wants to dismantle Gillis Industries for parts whereas he made a promise to Walter Gillis to save his company.
    • Jonathan Sidwell threatens to fire Mike unless he can get the $30 million offer back, as he does not care what happens to Gillis' company, declaring that only the profits for the firm matter. Mike informs Harvey that he would like to accept the deal, only for Harvey to notify him that the deal is off the table now.
    • Harvey goes to the head of Gillis Industries' pension fund, promising to donate $500 million to fully fund it should they vote in Logan's favor when it comes to the takeover. Knowing that the vote is the deciding factor, Mike convinces Walter Gillis to use half of his $1 billion expansion fund to fund the pension and regain their vote. Although Gillis is crushed that his expansion dream has been rendered moot, Mike reminds him that had they not done it, he would not have had a company to expand.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 6
  • Louis mentions the time Harvey called him "the man". ("Meet the New Boss")


Jessica: How are things going with Logan Sanders?
Harvey: You have no idea.
Jessica: Do I want to have an idea?
Harvey: Not unless you wanna hear about how Mike Ross is still causing us trouble.
Jessica: Nope.
Harvey: You don't care about Logan Sanders at all, do you?
Jessica: No.
Harvey: This isn't a coincidental encounter, is it?
Jessica: No, it is not. You are having lunch with Jeff Malone today.
Harvey: Come on, Jessica. You banged him. The least you could do is take him to lunch.
Jessica: That is not funny.
Harvey: Wait a second, you want me to take him to lunch because you banged him.
Jessica: Harvey, I want you to go ahead and say "banged" to my face one more time.
Harvey: ...I'm not going to, but not because I'm scared of you.
Jessica: Whatever lets you sleep at night, white boy.
Harvey: This fight started with you and me. So let's you and me settle it right now.
Mike: You mean you don't want him here because you don't think Logan Sanders and I can be in the same room.
Harvey: I don't think. I know.
Mike: Harvey, I'm a grown man. I can sit across the table from somebody who had a history with Rachel.
Harvey: Maybe, but you both have a brain and a dick, and if you get in that room together, the brains aren't gonna be leading that conversation.


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