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"I don't like being accused of being a bad father. But I won't abide it making me a bad lawyer."
— Brian Altman to Louis Litt

Brian Simon Altman is a lawyer and Katrina Bennett's former associate at Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams.


"Because my job may be to push back, but it's also to have your back. And from now on, I will."
―Brian Altman to Katrina Bennett[src]

He is first seen when Louis enters the bullpen to assign the associates tasks. He is urged by a fellow associate, Stephanie Patel, to ask for two days off and when pressed as to why, he reveals he is going to be a father. Louis turns him down before proceeding to yell at him.

After he worked with Louis, Louis came to his home and helped him with his newborn.[1]

In "Right-Hand Man", Brian learns that Katrina Bennett wanted to fire him. However due to Louis not wanting to get rid of him, he was able to stick around as he helped Katrina. He was also Katrina's personal associate, a right of passage of all senior partners, and they work together on their first case in "Motion to Delay".