"He's a cancer. You don't cut him loose, he's gonna kill your whole company."
Harvey Specter to Dean Morello

Burt Kimball was the former second-in-command to Dean Morello at Morello Asset Management.


"He used a lawyer to periodically provide him with insider information. Once he got this information, he handed out one tip sheet different from all the others, so the trader, in this instance, Gabrielle Stone, would make a trade not knowing that she was acting on an illegal tip. It was actually ingenious. If the trade was ever under suspicion, even the trader couldn't point to Burt."
Harvey Specter to Dean Morello[src]

In 1999, Burt Kimball was represented in a civil suit by Nick Zegan, and the duo formed a partnership as a result. Over the years, Zegan would provide Kimball with insider information, and Kimball would relay the information on illegal tip sheets for the traders to use. After one trade, purchased by Gabby Stone, was flagged by the DOJ, Kimball threw Gabby under the bus, arranging for Zegan to "represent" Gabby in order to ensure he did not receive any responsibility for his crime.

However, Harvey Specter discovered Kimball's actions and, after confronting Zegan, informed Dean Morello. Morello then fired Kimball, who fled the room as Harvey informed him that he was now a wanted criminal.[1]


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