"We put away bad people, Harvey. We fought tough battles and we won. I taught you how to win."
"That's not exactly what you taught me, though."
"I know that you didn't always approve of the means, but we both know that the end result was always right.

— Cameron Dennis and Harvey Specter

Cameron Dennis is a prosecutor and was one of Harvey Specter's mentors. He was the Manhattan District Attorney who Harvey worked under as Assistant District Attorney before working at Pearson Hardman. He has questionable ethics and is willing to engage in unlawful or illegal acts in order to win cases.


"Guilty is guilty."
"That's not the way the system works."
"The system is broken and you know it. It's not reasonable doubt. Juries want to be sure without a shadow of a doubt."
―Cameron Dennis and Harvey Specter[src]

In "Rules of the Game", Cameron is accused of and investigated for burying evidence, and Harvey is forced to testify against Cameron. Being his mentor, Harvey is unwilling to help form a case against Cameron, so Harvey asks him to just step down from his position and make a deal with the other side. When Cameron realizes that Harvey's integrity might just make him talk against him, he decides to sell out Harvey to save himself, instead. When Jessica finds out, she uses the information Donna gave her to blackmail Cameron into backing down.


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