"North Park's my home. And I don't want them tearing it down unless they're gonna give us someplace else to live."
— Carl Jeffries

Carl Anthony Jeffries was a North Park tenant who was killed after dropping a lawsuit against Pat McGann and the city of Chicago.


"Carl Jeffries was mixed up with a lot of bad people."
"You don't think I know that? That's part of why I gave him the money. At first, he was a true believer. Said he wouldn't drop the suit for a million bucks. But I know the guy's hurting for cash, so I keep going back. I talked him into it because I could see he wasn't a terrible guy, and I told him to take that money, and go somewhere. Get the hell out, and start over. I actually thought I was doing him a favor. Goddamn idiot. Instead he buys a car."
Jessica Pearson and Nick D'Amato[src]

Carl Jeffries lived in North Park, Chicago, Illinois, where he found himself mixed up with a bad crowd, eventually finding himself owing money to many people, including dealers. After writing bad checks to pay off his debt, he was caught and incarcerated at Joliet Correctional Center in Joliet, Illinois for four years. After his release from prison, he returned to North Park.

Carl soon found out that the mayor's office was approving property developer Pat McGann's plan to destroy the housing in North Park in order to build his own high-valued property, throwing many of North Park's low-income tenants on the street. Passionate about fighting for his home, Carl filed a lawsuit against McGann and the city, prompting McGann to send Mayor Bobby Novak's half-brother, Nick D'Amato, to pay him off. Carl initially refused, valuing principle over money, but eventually accepted $50,000 to drop the lawsuit after Nick reminded him of his financial troubles. Nick suggested he use the money to relocate elsewhere and build a new life, although Carl elected to stay in North Park, buying himself a Range Rover. As he was indebted to many people, Carl's sudden possession of a high-priced vehicle was not unnoticed, causing some of the dealers he owed money to pay him a visit, resulting in his murder.[1]


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