Dr. Lipschitz: Please, just say the first thoughts that come to mind.
Harvey: About how Louis thinks? Huh. Let's see – Cats, ballet, Harvey Specter.

Stan Lipschitz and Harvey Specter

Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter is the sixth episode of the eight season of Suits, and the 114th overall. It first aired on August 22, 2018.


Harvey and Louis assess their relationship. Donna doubts Samantha's motives for helping her.


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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Isabella Hofmann as Joan Walsh
  • Ryan Silverman as Emmet Ford
  • Ava Allan as Daisy Jones
  • David Keeley as Mark Aiken
  • Jennifer Gibson as Peggy Davis
  • Michael Miranda as James Davenport
  • Shannon Barnett as Daisy's Lawyer
  • Billy Parrott as Lawyer

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Louis Litt informs Katrina Bennett that she must win a specific case in order to become senior partner, reminding her that Paul Porter wishes to have someone else gain the promotion. Katrina works alongside Brian Altman, and while they manage to win the case, she develops feelings for him as a result, despite Brian having a wife and child.
  • Samantha Wheeler and Donna Paulsen become friends after working together representing a charity for at-risk girls.
  • Harvey Specter begins to attend therapy with Dr. Stan Lipschitz.
    • While initially attending "couples' therapy" with Louis, during a second, private session, Harvey reveals that he is irritated with the notion of Louis having a kid because he is worried Louis would not have time for him anymore and would eventually leave him, citing that Jessica Pearson, Mike Ross, Rachel Zane and Katie Specter were all people he cared about who ended up leaving his life.
  • Dominic Barone sells McKernon Motors to Aston Martin.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 2
  • Katrina reveals that she is a golfer and that attended Princeton University before attending Harvard Law School.


Louis: Oh, my God. I'm in a relationship with Harvey. Can I be the boy? Oh, scratch that, I don't even give a shit. I'm in a relationship with Harvey.
Dr. Lipschitz: And would you like to work on that relationship? Or spend the rest of the session celebrating its existence.
Louis: I think we both know the answer to that, but I'll settle for working on it.
Harvey: Louis, there's no way I'm going to a session with your therapist.
Louis: Actually it would be for the both of us.
Harvey: Are you fucking kidding me? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Dr. Lipschitz: Louis, I know our session didn't go as planned, but I do think there is still some hope. So I'd like your blessing to begin seeing Harvey one on one.
Louis: What? Are you fucking kidding me? You're choosing his side again?
Dr. Lipschitz: I am not choosing his side, Louis. I am trying to help both of you.
Louis: No, you're not, because anyone who has a choice between Harvey and me always chooses him.
Dr. Lipschitz: Louis makes space for the people in his life whom he loves.
Harvey: He makes space for people like Sheila and a baby, but...
Dr. Lipschitz: But what?
Harvey: But once he has that baby, he might not make space for me.
Dr. Lipschitz: Where would you get a notion like that, that Louis wouldn't have time for you?
Harvey: Because they leave. Everyone leaves: Mike, Rachel, Jessica, my sister-in-law. Everyone.
Katrina: We didn't just get frozen out, Brian. They slapped us with a countersuit for slandering Marc. We just made it 1,000 times worse.
Brian: Shit. Look, maybe we can still–
Katrina: I can't fucking believe it!
Brian: Katrina, it's just a case.
Katrina: No, it's not just a case. It's my senior partnership.


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