"I took the day off so I could prepare for the Character and Fitness Committee."
Mike Ross to Harvey Specter

Character and Fitness is the sixteenth and final episode of the sixth season of Suits and the 92nd overall. It first aired on March 1, 2017.


Mike needs Harvey and Rachel's help to overcome an impossible obstacle, or his dream of becoming a real lawyer is over. Donna's new venture hits a snag. Louis tries to patch things up with Tara.


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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • John Rothman as Walter Samson
  • Joseph Pierre as Jerry
  • Scott Wentworth as Snitzer
  • Alex Poch-Goldin as Labovitz
  • Marvin Karon as Board Member

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Mike Ross is granted his hearing but his chances of success are blocked when Anita Gibbs, the U.S. Attorney who prosecuted him, is appointed as a member of the Character and Fitness Committee of the New York State Bar, reminding Mike and Harvey Specter that the vote has to be unanimous and that she would never say vote in favor of Mike.
    • In an attempt to change her mind, Harvey presents her with the Liberty Rail files, telling her that he is giving it to her with no strings attached to prove that he is a changed man, hoping that it would make her realize that Mike changed as well. However, she tells Harvey that she will vote for Mike if he gets Mike to admit that Harvey hired him despite being a fraud, thus getting Harvey disbarred in the process. Although Harvey attempts to take the deal, Mike makes Harvey realize that Anita wants both of them and thus would never honor the deal anyhow.
  • Anita asks Mike on the stand if anyone at Pearson Specter Litt knew he was a fraud while he worked there, reminding Mike that he has to be truthful since he has openly stated to be a changed and truthful person. Before Mike can answer, Jessica Pearson strolls in and admits that she knew he was a fraud. She then tells the committee that years ago, a woman who had chronic back pain stole prescription pads from the hospital she worked at in order to get drugs, an offense that is worth seven years in prison. However, the attorney handling the case, Anita herself, showed compassion and offered probation instead while also sealing the records. Jessica tells Anita that the woman is now an E.R. doctor saving lives and is changing the world because of what Anita did for her, and that she could do the same for Mike.
    • That night at the firm, Jessica tells everyone that the woman in the story is really the godson of Walter Samson, the original committee member whom Anita blackmailed in order to be placed on the committee. While Harvey decides to strong-arm Anita before the vote is announced, Jessica tells Harvey not to, using an example of Aesop's fable – since Anita knows it was really a man and she knows Jessica knows it as well, she would realize that Jessica is attempting to rekindle her compassion without divulging the true story. Despite Jessica most likely facing disbarment, she reminds them that she now lives in Chicago and thus is not affected by having her New York law license revoked. Before Harvey and Louis Litt can react to her tactic, Harvey gets a phone call from Craig Seidel, and announces that Mike is officially a member of the New York State Bar.
  • Mike turns down Harvey's offer to return to P.S.L. and after being confronted by Oliver Grady for being a shady lawyer, approaches Nathan and tells him the truth. Nathan fires him but Oliver sticks up for Mike, reminding Nathan that while Mike is shady, he cares about people and has done a lot of good for the Eastside Legal Clinic, having beat a giant like Velocity Data Solutions, which gave the firm $50,000. Nathan then agrees to keep Mike on payroll provided that Mike continues to earn another $50,000 for the firm.
    • Harvey, however, convinces Mike to return to the firm with a check, telling him to donate half of it to the legal clinic to fund them for a whole year. Mike tells Harvey to double it since he wants to fund it for two years, and stipulates that he would only return so long as he is allowed to bring the clinic on any case he wants, is allowed to bring anyone from the clinic to the firm without Harvey or Louis' permission, and that the Harvard rule is tossed out the window. Harvey agrees, and so Mike asks for one more thing – Harvey's office. While Harvey initially refuses, Mike tells Harvey that it is time for Harvey to take the reins as managing partner and take Jessica's office, to which Harvey agrees.
  • Tara Messer decides that Louis is not the kind of man she wants to spend the rest of her life with and breaks off their engagement.
  • After Donna Paulsen realizes that "The Donna" has an overlap with another company and that she cannot take the product to market, she enlists Louis for help. However, Louis is only able to get her a deal. Not wanting the money, Donna asks Harvey for help, but Harvey tells her to take the money. Donna then tearfully admits that she does not want money but instead something more in life, and that she is still figuring out what it is.

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  • Mike is admitted to the New York State Bar through a process called 'reading the law.' While reading law is an accepted practice in the state of New York, the requirements include a minimum of one year of law school, which Mike does not have.


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