Eduardo Fernandez, who first of all looks like he works at the public pool or something, and he comes up to me the other day, and I completely know he's a freshman. And he looks at me and he goes, "Where's the public health school?" Which is right around the corner and you know what I tell him?

—Clifford Watkins, Pilot

Clifford Watkins was a Harvard Law School prospect whom Mike Ross tricked into giving up his spot on the school tour.


"Jonathan Atwater, I work for Dean Wormer in the admissions office."
"Yes, of course. And what can I do for you?"
"The dean personally sent me down here to invite you to a small cocktail hour for some of our, er, more realistic candidates. And we'd like to keep this sort of thing discreet, so if you'd subtly hand me your name tag, you can proceed directly to the dean's office. Congratulations."
Mike Ross and Clifford Watkins[src]

After being hired by Harvey Specter, Mike Ross is told to travel to Harvard Law School to learn about the school. Upon arriving, Mike discovers that the school tour has no vacant spots, having been booked up six weeks prior. As he leaves the campus dejected, he overhears Clifford Watkins, a Harvard Law prospect attending the tour, brag to a friend about giving false directions to a freshman. Mike proceeds to interrupt their conversation, masquerading as "Jonathan Atwater" of the Dean's Office.

Mike then informs Clifford that, as a more "realistic candidate" he has been invited to a cocktail at the Dean's office, but that he must relinquish his name tag. Clifford does so, allowing Mike to pose as Clifford and attend the tour.[1]


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