Harvey: You realize that's libelous.
Collin: Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But after it runs, you and I both know, it won't much matter.
Harvey: We're done here. I don't take to extortion. I'm not gonna be bullied by an ambulance-chaser, no matter how nice his suit.
Collin: It is nice, isn't it? Italian. And it fits.

Harvey Specter and Collin Church, Dirty Little Secrets

Collin Church is an attorney in New York City who represented patients with ALS testifying against Sainz Pharmaceuticals. He made his sole appearance in "Dirty Little Secrets".


"Collin Church, Mr. Sainz and Mr. Specter, lately arrived to our little legal dispute.
"You say legal dispute, I say shakedown."
"Always a fine line between the two, n'est pas?"
―Collin Church and Harvey Specter[src]

Collin Church was an attorney hired to represent users of Sainz Pharmaceuticals' Amylinx drug who had received liver failure as a result. Church attempted to exact a settlement of $250 million, which Harvey Specter refused. He failed to achieve a financial settlement when Harvey, along with Jessica Pearson, convinced the plaintiffs to accept a controlling interest in Sainz Pharmaceuticals instead, in order to allow Quentin Sainz to refine the drug.[1]


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