Columbia University (officially Columbia University in the City of New York; in 1754—1784 King's College, in 1784—1896 Columbia College) is a private research university in Upper Manhattan, New York City. Established in 1754 by royal charter of George II, it is the oldest institution of higher learning in the State of New York, as well as one of the country's nine colonial colleges.

The University is organized into twenty schools, the oldest ones being College of Physicians and Surgeons (1767), Union Theological Seminary (1836), College of Dental Medicine (1852), and Columbia Law School (1858), whic is among the oldest and most distinguished law schools in the U.S.

It has 3,806 academic staff full-time employees and 27,942 students, with 8,410 undergraduates and 19,532 postgraduates (all data of fall 2014). Notable alumni include five Founding Fathers of the United States, nine Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, 20 living billionaires, 29 Academy Award laureates, and 29 heads of state, including three U.S. Presidents. 101 Nobel Prize laureates have been affiliated with it as students, faculty, or staff.

Columbia University in Suits

Columbia University appeared in the series for the first time in "Identity Crisis" (season 1 episode 8) with introduction of Lola Jensen, a biologist at Columbia University (she is never seen again, but mentioned several times in later episodes, last one being "No Way Out").

In flashback episode "Fork in the Road" (season 4 episode 13), which took place a few years before Harvey Specter hired Mike Ross, Mike lied he was studying law at the Columbia University, trying to impress Claire Bowden, young law intern at Social Services legal clinic and New York University student he helped and wanted to date with.

After Rachel Zane's application to study at Harvard Law School was rejected, as seen in "Normandy" (season 2 episode 15), she negotiated an exception to the Harvard rule and went to Columbia Law School.

In "100", it is revealed that Columbia is withholding applicants from Pearson Specter Litt. When Louis Litt goes to investigate, he discovers that his ex-fiancée, Sheila Sazs, now works there as their head of admissions.

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