Dagmara Dominczyk is a Polish-American actress best known for her role as Mercedes in the 2002 film The Count of Monte Cristo. She played Nancy in one episode of Suits.

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Dominczyk was born in Kielce, the daughter of Miroslaw Dominczyk, a leader in the Polish Solidarity movement. She moved with her family to New York City in 1983 as asylees due to her parents' political associations (her father's involvement with Amnesty International and the Solidarity movement). She majored in drama at Carnegie Mellon University and graduated in 1998.

In June 2005, Dominczyk married actor and fellow Carnegie Mellon alumnus Patrick Wilson. On June 23, 2006, she gave birth to their son, Kalin Patrick Wilson. On August 9, 2009, she gave birth to their second son, Kassian McCarrell Wilson.


Dominczyk worked on Broadway in 1999 as Anna Friel's understudy in Patrick Marber's production of Closer and again in 2003 in Enchanted April. She is perhaps best known for her role as Edmond Dantès' fiancee Mercedes in the 2002 screen adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo. She has also played small parts in television series 24, Kinsey, and a more prominent role in the made-for-TV movie The Five People You Meet in Heaven, among others.

She co-starred in the 2003 thriller Tough Luck, and the 2005 film Bad Apple, and has more recently appeared in the television series The Good Wife.

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