"Dan, we do this, they're not gonna take it lying down. I need to know you're all in."
"I'm already losing control of my company. What else have I got to lose?

Harvey Specter and Dan Foley

Dan Foley is the CEO of SensaTech and a client of Harvey Specter's who made his sole appearance in "Windmills".


"It rattled them, and it's gonna be a little difficult to stick it out when I've been fired. [...] And even if I win this thing, I won't get my company back."
"Listen to me. It's not over. I can fix it."
"Then fix it, because if I lose everything from all this, instead of suing the board, I'll be suing you."
―Dan Foley and Harvey Specter[src]
Dan is the founder and CEO of SensaTech, a company that was sold to another company by his board of directors through their law firm without his approval. As that law firm was originally managed by Faye Richardson, Harvey Specter seeks out Dan to represent him, intending to gain Dan his company back to stick it to Faye. Harvey suggests to Dan that he sue the board; Dan replies that as CEO, he cannot file a lawsuit against the board, although Harvey reminds him that he is also a shareholder and that shareholders are not exempt from suing the board. Content, Dan asks Harvey to draft the suit.

Harvey later takes out a full-page ad to tarnish the board, causing them to fire Dan, as a clause in his employment contract allowed termination if he filed a lawsuit against the company. As the board wanting to sell the company, Harvey has Kevin Miller buy the company and rehire Dan as CEO.[1]



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