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Gerard: A former employee at Liberty Rail reached out to me. He claims he was fired because he knows the real reason for the crash. [...] Enough for me to know it would be unethical if somebody didn't look into this.
Mike: But you can't, so you want me to get Harvey to. [...] We don't take cases like this.
Gerard: Maybe. But I believe a man who can convince Harvey to hire someone who never went to law school could convince him to make an exception for this.

Henry Gerard and Mike Ross

Derailed is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Suits and the 58th overall. It first aired on February 18, 2015.


When Mike takes a humanitarian case with the potential to jeopardize firm business, Harvey must decide how much to rein in his associate. Meanwhile, Jessica wrestles with the distance she's been forced to put between herself and Jeff Malone. And Louis fights to get the respect a name partner deserves.


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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Stephen Macht as Henry Gerard
  • Michael Harney as Joe Henderson
  • Gary Hudson as Richard McIntyre
  • Tricia Helfer as Evan Smith
  • Marsha Regis as Danielle
  • Amanda Chung as Elise

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Mike Ross is approached by Henry Gerard, who reveals to Mike that he knows Mike is a fraud. Ensuring him that his secret would be safe, Gerard asks Mike to convince Harvey Specter to represent Joe Henderson, a whistle-blower who alleges that a recent Liberty Rail train crash, which claimed several lives, was due to faulty machinery. Harvey refuses, since corporate law firms such as Pearson Specter Litt do not take whistle-blower cases, prompting Mike to take the case himself, as his parents had also died in a vehicular crash caused by negligence.
  • Mike is opposed by Evan Smith, an attorney at Hackett Cropper Klein who represents Liberty Rail. After she reveals Henderson's constant whistle-blowing lawsuit attempts, Mike realizes he has no substantial proof to gain a settlement or an admission of guilt, and that he cannot subpoena any records. To make matters worse, one of Harvey's clients threatens to drop him if they represent the case, forcing Harvey to impose a 24 hour time clock on Mike's case.
  • Donna Paulsen impersonates an employee of the National Transportation Safety Board and infiltrates Liberty Rail's secure facility, where she obtains the documents that proves Liberty Rail is guilty. She gives this to Mike, who does not disclose to Harvey that it came from Donna. Harvey and Mike use the proof to demand a settlement and an admission of guilt; however, Evan shows Harvey footage of Donna's actions and notifies him that not only are they not settling, but that she would report it to the District Attorney.
  • As retribution for blackmailing Jessica Pearson, Jeff Malone antagonizes Louis Litt by paying the support staff to answer the phones as "Pearson Specter" instead of "Pearson Specter Litt." Jessica asks Malone to make amends with Louis, and Malone agrees after telling Jessica he loves her. Knowing that Malone values truth and honesty, Jessica decided to trust the man she loves with the real truth regarding Louis' promotion, heading to his house to inform him about Mike's secret. However, she is angrily rebuffed by Malone, who had gone out drinking with Louis and had been informed by a drunk Louis that he had discovered Daniel Hardman's embezzlement two years prior, thereby revealing Jessica's lie. Unable to trust her, Malone officially ends their relationship.

Cultural References



Jessica: Good night.
Harvey: Bon voyage.
Jessica: You do know that doesn't mean "good night."
Harvey: Of course I do.
Jessica: Do you know how to say "good night" in French?
Harvey: What, do you think I'm some kind of Neanderthal?
Jessica: You don't know one word of French, do you?
Harvey: Ménage à trois.
Jessica: You're an idiot.
Harvey: Ménage à quatre. Ménage à cinq.


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