Harvey: This is an internal memo–
Tanner: –showing that C.M. knew about engineering defects. You're on the wrong side of this one, Harvey.
Harvey: I never saw this thing in my life.
Tanner: Sure looks like you did. And that statute of limitations doesn't apply to fraudulent concealment.
Harvey: I didn't conceal jack shit.
Tanner: Harvey, that's for your client. We want 46 million and not a penny less. And this? Well, that's for you. Because we're suing you and your entire firm for fraud.

Travis Tanner and Harvey Specter

Discovery is the fourth episode of the second season of Suits, and the 16th overall. It was first aired on July 12, 2012.


Travis Tanner is back in town, and has his sights set firmly on Harvey, digging up an old lawsuit. Meanwhile, Louis and Mike bond together on a case. Donna ends up finding the missing document.


After making fun of his records, Harvey loans Mike out to Louis for one case. Louis is working on a case for Liquid Water, who is being sued by Durham Foods for saying that their water increases the consumer's IQ. Harvey enlists Donna to help him go through files for a case that he worked on four years ago that is being reopened in light of new evidence. Mike begs Harvey to let him work on his case too. Mike and Donna are down in the files room when Harold comes in looking for a stapler for Rachel. Donna quickly musses her hair and loosens Mike's tie to give the appearance that they were having sex. Harold is so flustered that he doesn't notice the files they have been going though.

Louis decides not to settle with Durham Foods, planning to bury them in paperwork. Harold delivers office supplies to Rachel. She tells him that his time is far too valuable and that he shouldn't be trying to help her when it's her job to help him. She takes the stapler that he has brought her, before opening a drawer full of staplers and tossing it inside.

Harvey visits a woman who worked for Coastal Motors. She had known that the machinery was faulty. She tells him to get the hell off of her property and leave her alone. Travis Tanner is sitting on a car in front of the woman's house and threatens to tell the Bar that he's committing fraud now that he knows that the machinery was faulty.

The Vice-President of Market Research for Durham Foods, Kevin, and his lawyer are being interviewed by Louis and Mike. Louis connects with Kevin and gets him to admit that they are suing Liquid Water because their shares are dropping. 

Harvey confronts a Lawerence Kemp in the parking lot of his building. Harvey tells him that he knows about Sarah Layton and pushes him into his car, making him feel guilty for the death of the man in the original case. Mike admits that he has really enjoyed working with Louis. He points out that Harvey hasn't poisoned the well, that Louis did it himself when he tried to sabotage his relationship with Jenny and blackmailed him with a fake drug test.

Louis is waiting in Harvey's office when Harvey and Mike walk in. Louis says that he can help Harvey if he just trusts him, but Harvey tells him to go away. Mike tells him that he's being harsh and that all Louis wants is to be Harvey. Lawerence Kemp calls and tells Harvey to settle. Harvey asks where Donna is, Mike says that she's in the file room, and Harvey realizes that there is no document. The camera pans down to show that Louis has left his audio recorder under a sheet of paper in Harvey's office. 

Harvey meets Travis Tanner and tells him that the document would never have held up in court anyway, because he forged it. Tanner says that he wanted a pound of flesh from CM and from Harvey. Louis is sitting in the conference room listening to the recording of Harvey and Mike's conversation of him. He is visibly upset. Daniel Pierce asks him if he has anything he wants to say. Harvey tells Jessica that they're still coming after him for fraud. Daniel storms in and demands to know when they were going to tell him that his firm was being sued. Donna finds the document that Harvey is being sued for fraud over, and it has her signature on it confirming that she received it.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Eric Close as Travis Tanner
  • John Finn as Lawrence Kemp
  • Erika Alexander as Sarah Leighton
  • Kevin Jubinville as Max Lasker
  • Michael Rubenfeld as Durham Foods Attorney
  • Murray Forrow as Kevin Kessler

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Harvey receives a letter from rival law firm Smith & Devane, revealing that they are opening a case Harvey settled four years ago regarding a hood manufacturing defect due to new evidence. Harvey meets with the Smith & Devane attorney, who is revealed to be Travis Tanner, having been hired as the firm's newest senior partner after having been fired by Clyde-MacPhee after signing Harvey's $2 million per plaintiff settlement in "Undefeated". Tanner notifies Harvey that a new confidential memo has come to light that exposes Coastal Motors' fraud, and that it also implicates Harvey for fraud as he did not disclose the memo.
  • After Mike insults Harvey's music, Harvey passes him on to Louis temporarily, teaming up to work on a lawsuit regarding two rival water bottling companies. However, with Harvey being fired by Coastal Motors and the surfacing of the never before seen memo, Mike is forced to help Harvey in secret while also completing every assignment tasked to him by Louis. Louis begins to suspect that Harvey is hiding something, but when confronted, Mike lies and tells Louis that nothing is going on.
  • After meeting with Lawrence Kemp, the CEO of Coastal Motors, Harvey is able to extract the $46 million settlement that Smith & Devane wanted; however, Smith & Devane is still coming after Pearson Hardman for fraud. Tanner reveals to Harvey that he knows Harvey was recently investigated for burying evidence and that no one will believe him if he says he never saw the memo before. Harvey tasks Donna with locating the memo in the file room, but comes to believe that the memo doesn't exist at all. Confident in his assertion, Harvey prepares to beat Tanner in court.
    • Louis enters Harvey's office and asks about his situation, only for Harvey to rudely tell him to get out. Louis leaves his dictaphone behind and records Harvey calling him pathetic and discussing the firm being sued for fraud. Louis passes on the information to Daniel Hardman, who lashes out at Harvey and Jessica for keeping him out of the loop. The two state that their reasoning was because they don't trust him; Hardman offers his assistance regardless to defend their firm, and Jessica agrees.
    • Mike's proposal of having Liquid Water purchase their bankrupt competitor is accepted by Louis and approved by Hardman. Louis tells Hardman that it was Mike's idea, with Mike being an associate Hardman personally requested before. When Mike goes to thank Louis for giving him credit, Louis coldly alerts him that he only did it because he doesn't want to be indebted to Mike and cuts their burgeoning bond short.
    • In the file room, Donna discovers to her horror the confidential memo buried in the case files, personally date stamped by her in 2008.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 2
  • Louis attempts to have Mike as his associate exclusively for two weeks, reminding Harvey that he owes Mike following his loss with the Price sisters case, although Harvey reminds him that he passed on Mike. Tanner also mentions Harvey being investigated for burying evidence during his tenure at the D.A.'s office. ("Rules of the Game")
  • When discussing their soured relationship, Mike mentions how Louis sabotaged his relationship with Jenny, with Louis replying that it was because he laughed at the video of him ("The Shelf Life"); Mike reminds him how he stuck him in housing court ("Dirty Little Secrets"), to which Louis responds that it was because Mike stole a client from him, and Mike adds that Louis even blackmailed him with a fake drug test; Louis later brings up the marijuana and tennis incident, while Mike recalls Louis' pony metaphor. ("Errors and Omissions").


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