"You've got a management title."
"That I choose not to identify with."
"You run the factory."
"Which I've never left because I've got no taste for boardroom politics."
"You've been here since day one. You know the product inside out. These workers, they respect you.

Harvey Specter and Dominic Barone

Dominic Barone is the lead engine designer and current CEO of McKernon Motors.


Dominic Barone is the lead engine designer for McKernon Motors, having built many custom engines touted as being the best in the world, being heavily used in Formula One racing. In 2011, following the death of Avery McKernon, Robert Stensland became interim CEO of the company and decided to move production overseas and sell the flagship factory. As Dominic's employment would come to an end due to Stensland's actions, Harvey Specter recruits Dominic to challenge Stensland for the title of CEO during a board meeting.

However, the board meeting is sabotaged when Louis Litt, on behalf of Jessica Pearson, informs Stensland of Harvey's plan. Barone is fired as a result, although he returns to the factory as he does not wish to leave the construction of his latest creation unfinished. Mike Ross goes to the factory to speak to Dominic and the trio return to McKernon Motors with a letter of intent to acquire the company, as Harvey had convinced Laurence, the owner of a two billion dollar hedge fund, to purchase McKernon Motors. The purchase of the company by Laurence had Stensland fired, and Dominic became the new CEO.[1]

Over three years later, Dominic came to Mike and Louis Litt, to whom Harvey had relinquished McKernon's representation, citing that he had made a handshake deal with a friend and wished to acquire his company. Louis and Mike had discovered that Dominic's friend was betraying him, as the company he was selling was under federal investigation; during Louis and Mike's attempts to remedy the situation, they were sabotaged by Jack Soloff, prompting Dominic to fire Pearson Specter Litt, although Louis and Mike convinced him to rehire them.[2]

Shortly after, McKernon Motors was targeted by Daniel Hardman solely due to the fact that they were Harvey's client. Harvey paid a visit to Dominic asking that they fire them, claiming that Hardman would not go after them if they were no longer affiliated, although Dominic refused to do so.[3]


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