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"Tell Harvey how you feel. [...] I wouldn't be with Rachel if it wasn't for you, and if I let you lose something that might make you as happy as we are and I didn't say something, I would never forgive myself. So if you think there is even the smallest chance that you might ever want to be together and you don't tell him that soon, you might lose the chance to tell him at all."
Mike Ross to Donna Paulsen

Donna is the tenth episode of the seventh season of Suits and the 102nd overall. It first aired on September 13, 2017.


After their power move gets countered, Mike and Harvey end up with their backs are against the wall; Rachel worries about her father's clouded judgment; Louis helps Alex.


Louis finds a way to get Donna off the hook with Andrew Malik by citing that everything she and Harvey worked on under Cameron Dennis is work product and therefore privileged information. At the pre-trial hearing, Mike and Harvey successfully prevent Malik from using that information, but Malik surprises them by questioning Donna about the documents she shredded in the Coastal Motors case. Unprepared and under oath, Donna admits to doing so, but says she acted alone and not under Harvey's direction. Donna later finds that Malik got the Coastal Motors information from Holly, but Holly will not take the stand. Mike and Harvey are able to prove that Malik manufactured evidence, offering to ignore it in exchange for Malik dropping the case against their client. Elsewhere, Rachel and Robert Zane continue their case against the bank executive who abused Robert's sister. Robert almost ruins the case by letting his emotions take over, but Rachel finds another path they can take to win the case and get the executive fired. Louis helps Alex when the other half of Bratton Gould tries to poach a huge client. Malik returns with a new angle to get back at Harvey: he intends to get Jessica disbarred for knowing about Mike's fraud and covering it up. Jessica arrives at Harvey's home and says that she is okay with the consequences. Harvey insists that he will fight for her, but she urges him to let it go and remove her name from the wall. Louis helps Donna realize that she should fight for the one she loves, by relaying his own regrets over Sheila. When Harvey comes to talk to Donna, she stuns him with a kiss.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • John Kapelos as Elias Gould
  • Usman Ally as Andrew Malik
  • Milton Barnes as Young Robert Zane
  • Mouna Traoré as Jasmine Zane
  • Krista Bridges as Janet Stanger
  • Jeff Seymour as Arthur Kittredge
  • Michelle Giroux as Ms. Sonowski
  • Sharon Lewis as Judge Samuels
  • Nigel Shawn Williams as Judge Ward
  • Kirstin Rae Hinton as Alicia Taylor
  • Jonathan Shatzky as George Clark
  • Caroline Palmer as Young Laura Zane
  • Maria Nash as Young Rachel Zane
  • Kristian Tuelsen as Board Member
  • Brittany Charlotte Smith as Shelley

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Louis Litt decides to skip the mock trial, citing that Donna Paulsen cannot testify against Harvey Specter for the Clifford Danner case as it falls under work privilege. However, during the trial, Andrew Malik calls Donna to the stand to testify against her destruction of the Coastal Motors memo, and implies Donna was sexually involved with Harvey to obtain her COO title.
  • Harvey and Mike Ross realize Malik has manufactured evidence and blackmail him into dropping the case. However, Malik shifts his focus to Jessica Pearson, reminding Harvey that she had confessed to knowing Mike was a fraud in front of the New York State Bar, which would be grounds for disbarment, and reports her to the Ethics Committee.
    • Jessica reminds Harvey that being disbarred from New York would not affect her in Chicago, although Harvey retorts that a disbarred member cannot be a name partner; Jessica informs Harvey that it is time her name is removed from the firm.
  • Elias Gould, now managing partner of Bratton Gould, comes after Pearson Specter Litt, although he is forced to relent after Alex Williams uses Louis' Dictaphone to record Elias stating that the lawsuits are fraudulent.
  • Robert Zane reminisces on his memories with his sister Jasmine, and with the help of Rachel, gets Arthur Kittridge to step down while having his board members sign a settlement.
  • Rachel informs Mike that she wonders whether Donna regrets hiding her feelings for Harvey, prompting Mike to suggest to Donna that she notify Harvey. Shortly after, Louis informs Donna that he considers Sheila Sazs his soul mate and that he regrets allowing her to be with someone else and to eventually leave his life, claiming that the one she is meant to be with is him. This causes Donna to think of Harvey in the same way, and not wanting to lose Harvey, she kisses him.


  • Goddamn Counter: 6
  • It is revealed that Donna has a Bachelor's in Theatre and that she worked as a waitress before becoming a legal secretary.


Rachel: Have you ever tried to sleep with someone and then retaliated once they rejected you?
Arthur: The answer is no. I haven't. Of course, things are different for women who don't work for me. I'd ask you out in a second.
Robert: Watch yourself.
Rachel: Dad, I've got this.
Arthur: It's all right. I know where he's coming from. I mean, after all, he's your father, but he's not blind. I mean, he knows you're attractive.
Sonowski: Arthur.
Arthur: As a matter of fact, if it were up to me, I'd be willing to settle this for one date, maybe two.
Robert: All right, that's enough.
Arthur: You see, that is the irony here. I am being accused of discriminating against people of color when in fact I have always preferred women of color. There's just something about them. You know, they're exotic. Like you, Ms. Zane.
Harvey: Jessica, we can't have a name on the wall of a partner that's been disbarred.
Jessica: What the hell do you think I'm doing here?
Harvey: No, I'm not doing it.
Jessica: Yes, you are. Harvey, it's time to take my name off the wall.
Harvey: Not like this, not after all we've been through.
Jessica: I'm good with this, and it's not my firm anymore. It's yours.


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