"Dreibach does the books for half of Wall Street."
Harvey Specter to Mike Ross

Dreibach Accounting was a New York based financial accounting firm, appearing in "The Shelf Life". It was Pearson Hardman's client and personal accounting firm, as Dreibach had signed a conflict of interest waiver. As described by Harvey, Dreibach handled the finances for half of Wall Street.

Harvey and Mike found out that Dreibach Accounting carried out financial scams on Pearson Hardman through their shelf companies, one of them being Aberdeen Solutions. After Tori's embezzlement is made public to Harvey, the firm ends up being bankrupt after their shelf companies are sued.[1]

Notable Employees

  • Tori (CEO)
  • Stan Jacobson (Senior Vice President; employment terminated)
  • Paula O'Neill (formerly; employment terminated)


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