Edith Ross was Mike Ross's paternal grandmother and guardian. She took Mike into parental custody and raised him after both his parents were killed in a car crash. Edith passed away in the episode "Asterisk."


Season 1

At the start of the series, she is living in her own apartment, where she is unable to care for herself. A nurse tells Mike that Edith needs to be placed in private care, which would cost $25,000, unless he wanted her to be placed in a state facility. Mike then accepts a one time offer from Trevor to sell a briefcase full of weed in order to make that money, but upon realizing that it is a sting operation, manages to evade the cops by stumbling onto an interview for Harvey Specter's associate at Pearson Hardman, thus starting Mike's newfound legal career.

Later on, she tells Mike to cut Trevor off, calling him an anchor, after Jenny Griffith confronts Mike on lying to her about Trevor's job and how he is going down a bad path.

Season 2

After not seeing Mike for very often due to his workload at Pearson Hardman, Edith visits Mike at work. After this, Mike decides he wants to repay his grandmother for all the things she has done for him and decides to buy a new apartment for her. Sadly, his grandmother dies before he was even able to reveal the new apartment he bought for her.

Season 3

In a flashback, Mike meets with Edith to talk about Trevor being arrested. Despite the fact she thought Trevor is an ill-behaved "kid", Edith then told Mike that after Mike's parents died, Trevor's parents were willing to take Mike in and raise him because Trevor "cried all night for a month. He begged them." Although she knew Trevor was the same kid, she knew that kid was still in there somewhere.

Season 4

In a flashback scene, Edith & Mike have an argument regarding Trevor. Edith refuses to allow him to associate or live with him, since he was the reason why Mike was expelled. While he responds to this stating that she was the one who told Mike to tell the dean the truth, she states that she did not realize it would cost him his graduation. Mike tries to explain that Trevor has been trying to make it up for him ever since, including that he was going to fully pay a year's worth of rent for him. Edith, however, does not budge and said that it won't make up for the fact that Trevor got to graduate while Mike did not. Mike tells her he is going to move in with Trevor anyway, with or without her blessing, and Edith realizes that since Mike is a grown man now, he is capable of making his own choices, and she tells him that she respects his decision.

Season 5

Edith also makes a brief appearance in Mike's flashback about when he found out his parents had died and later when Mike's is acting up tries to find out what's going on with him.


  • Interestingly, whenever Edith fell ill, Mike was forced to conduct more illegal activities. When she needed to be moved to a home, Mike took his first LSAT exams for $5000. 5 years later, her conditions worsened to the point of needing full time care, which required Mike to deal drugs for $25000.
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