Elias Gould is the founder, and managing partner of law firm Bratton Gould, along with his partner Thomas Bratton


During the events of Donna, Alex Williams is able to record an incriminating statement made by Elias, on Louis's dictaphone. This was then used in Good-Bye in an attempt to strongarm him into offering jobs to the former partners of Pearson Specter Litt after Mike Ross's fraud conviction. However, this fails after it is revealed that Stanley Gordon has something worse on him. In the end, the lawsuit ends with Robert Zane joining Specter Litt to prevent it from going under.

Eli returns again in Motion to Delay, when Louis Litt again confronts him, this time attemptiong to use his leverage to force him to persuade Thomas Bratton to drop his case against Zane Specter Litt. This fails again, after he reveals to Louis that he believes Bratton has got him dead to rights.


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