Ellen Rand is a corporate attorney and a name partner at Rand Kaldor and its former incarnation, Rand, Kaldor & Zane.


Ellen Rand is an attorney who worked at Jarvis, Green, Ellis, where she eventually reached the rank of senior partner. After the firm and its name partners were being investigated for money laundering, associate Samantha Wheeler informed Robert Zane to pick two people within the firm that were old enough with whom he could takeover the firm. Robert picked Eric and Ellen and ousted Jarvis, Green and Ellis, forming Rand, Kaldor & Zane.[1]

Following Jessica Pearson's resignation from Pearson Specter Litt, her subsequent disbarment and the restructuring of her old firm into Specter Litt, Ellen and Eric conspired with a number of their senior partners who were former PSL partners, to file a lawsuit with the help of Stanley Gordon against Specter Litt. The purpose of the suit was to have the partners return to Specter Litt and use their voting power to have the firm sold RKZ, a move which would not only have eliminated Specter Litt's existence but would have allowed Ellen and Eric to oust Robert from their firm.[2].

However, her plan was ruined when Mike Ross and Louis Litt convinced Zane to leave RKZ and join Specter Litt and to bring associates and partners loyal to him in the process, thereby preventing the other partners from using a majority vote to sell the firm. Zane's departure forced Rand, Kaldor & Zane to become Rand Kaldor, while Specter Litt transitioned into Zane Specter Litt.[3]


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