Louis: We know about your account in the Caymans. $20 million. Are you kidding me?
Elliot: That transaction was legitimate!

Louis Litt and Elliot Perkins, Identity Crisis

Elliot Perkins was the CEO of Anthony Mazlo's company and his right-hand man. During a heated interrogation by Louis Litt, he passed away due to a pulmonary embolism.


"Perkins wasn't faking anything. Our best chance to nail Anthony Mazlo's dead."
Harvey Specter to Louis Litt[src]

Elliot Perkins was the right hand man of Anthony Mazlo and held the position of CEO in Mazlo's investment firm. After Lucille Jackson filed a lawsuit against the firm for embezzled money, Perkins was placed in the crosshairs as $20 million was discovered in an offshore account, which Perkins declared was legitimate. During a deposition, he was pushed to the brink by Louis Litt and died of a pulmonary embolism. Following his death, Mazlo painted Perkins as the scapegoat responsible for the embezzlement, though Harvey Specter was able to clear his name after proving that it was Mazlo who stole the money.[1]


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