Harvey: Mike, you are not ringing that bell.
Mike: You're damn right I'm not ringing that bell. But if I have to go raise a glass to that son of a bitch, I'm going to end up smashing it over his head.
Harvey: Come with me.
Mike: What are you going to do?
Harvey: Enough is enough.

Harvey Specter and Mike Ross

Enough Is Enough is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Suits and the 55th overall. It first aired on January 28, 2015.


As Jessica and Harvey attempt to deal with the fallout of making Louis named partner, Mike finds himself buried in paralegal work by Louis in the hopes he will resign.


The episode starts with Harvey Specter driving down to the offices of Pearson Specter due to an emergency call from Jessica Pearson. As he walks in demanding why she summoned him at such an hour, she curtly replies "He knows" and glances aside at Louis Litt, who is standing right there, to Harvey's surprise. Louis tells Harvey that the reason he didn't hear about this before is because he told Donna Paulsen not to warn him as his first official act as name partner. Harvey believes he must be joking, but Jessica tells him that he isn't, and that Louis will be name partner soon. Louis demands to be name partner instantly but Harvey brings up the fact that the senior partners will know something is up due to the fact that Louis just resigned and Jessica wants to take her time easing them in. Louis warns her that if she takes too much time, he will reveal their secret. Harvey returns to his office where he sees Donna crying. Donna tries to apologize, claiming Louis broke her, but Harvey reassures that Louis didn't break her down, and that the only reason he confronted her is because he already knew the truth about Mike Ross. Donna tells Harvey that they need to tell Mike, but Harvey wishes to let Mike have the night and to tell him in the morning.

However, Louis arrives at Mike's house that night and lets Mike know that he knows his secret. He tells Mike to resign, but Mike lets him know that he won't quit and that he can't be fired by him either, to which Louis replies that he will break Mike. Rachel Zane walks in, but Louis dismisses her as a liar too and this causes Rachel to realize that Louis now knows.

Despite Louis being told by Jessica to keep the name partner promotion a secret, he tells Katrina Bennett, who wonders how he got it. When Louis tells her that he can't explain why and this it's supposed to be a secret, she deduces that he has something on Jessica, and tells Louis that Jessica is pulling the strings to make him look like a fool. No longer deciding to listen to Jessica, Louis lets Robert Zane, who was going to hire him, that he no longer needs the job since he is now a name partner. Zane, who was promised a favor by Harvey if he hired Louis, calls in Harvey for the favor anyways. Although Harvey states that the favor is now void due to Louis never being hired by his firm, Zane tells Harvey that since Louis just resigned before Jessica could fire him only for him to return as a name partner, that means that something is not right at Pearson Specter, and tells Harvey that if he doesn't do this favor then he (Zane) may "open (his) big mouth and talk about it".

The favor happens to be regarding a case between Zane's firm and Scottie's new firm. Scottie's firm is about to win the case, and Zane wants to settle instead, so he asks Harvey to settle it for him. Harvey calls up Scottie and tells her that she needs to settle so that Mike Ross' secret doesn't get him into trouble. Scottie agrees, but tells him that this is the last time she will do such a thing, and that she never wants to hear of Mike Ross and his secret again.

Meanwhile at the firm, Louis gives a ton of paralegal work to Mike, telling him that since he didn't go to law school or have a law degree, that's the only thing he can do. Louis believes that burying Mike under all that work will break him, but Mike gets Rachel to help him out. Louis, who is also angry at Rachel for lying to him about Mike's secret, gives her paralegal work too, telling her that although she's in law school, she will never be a good enough lawyer, that she wasn't even able to get into Harvard, and that even though Mike doesn't have a degree, he is a better lawyer than she ever would be, and also brings up her father, which breaks her down. Mike sees her crying and confronts Louis, who tells him that Rachel is Mike's weak point, and that pushing and constantly hammering down on her would break not only her, but Mike as well.

Jessica comes to Louis' office to discuss why he's told Robert Zane, but Louis is rude to her, asking her if she had asked Norma (his secretary) before entering, something Jessica does not take kindly to. Louis demands to be made senior partner right away, and since he's already been going around telling everybody that he is, Jessica gathers all the senior partners up and both she and Harvey give a speech, with Harvey adding that he made a mistake firing Louis since Louis got him out of a jam a few times and is an excellent attorney and thus deserves the title of name partner. Louis, however, coldly adds that he feels that he has always been up there with Harvey and that he will be a name partner for a very long time. After the meeting, Jeff Malone goes to Jessica's office, aware that since Louis resigned right before being fired for committing a crime and is now suddenly back as name partner, that must mean he has something over her, and so he asks what it is. Jessica, however, tells him that she doesn't want to lie to him so she'd rather not say anything. Jeff tells her that while he can accept that at the moment, he won't forever.

That night, Jessica goes to Mike's office and tells him that he has to stay there and draft Louis' partnership agreement, not only because that it is not billable but because Louis only became a partner because of his dirty little secret. Mike, however, tells Jessica that she could have fired him when she found out, but she didn't. Instead, she used his secret to get rid of Daniel Hardman and get back her power, then she used it again to keep Harvey, then again to beat Harvey. Mike asks her at what point she would accept that it is also her dirty little secret.

Later on, Louis is seen near the elevators, staring at the wall which now reads Pearson Specter Litt. However, Louis wonders if people walking in tomorrow will actually notice the sign, and so demands that Jessica have a little ceremony at 4pm, despite her having a meeting at the time, which will celebrate Louis Litt as the new name partner. Jessica refuses to reschedule her meeting, but Louis says that as a name partner, the event will be held and that she must be there, as well as Harvey, to which she replies that as partners, they both will be there.

Harvey comes to the library to see Mike, who has been up all night memorizing Louis' cases, a punishment inflicted by Louis himself, as well as drafting Louis' partnership agreement. Harvey tells Mike that they need to go to Louis' ceremony, but Mike refuses to, telling him that Louis is an asshole who is hammering down on Rachel to get to him, which pisses off Harvey as well. Both Harvey and Mike go to Louis' office but before a fight or argument can be had, Jessica walks in. She tells Mike that she added a little something to Mike's draft, which states that Louis is a co-conspirator to hiring a fraud. Louis refuses to sign such a thing, and tells her that he can call the cops, but Jessica tells him that he wouldn't do such a thing, because not only did he use Mike's secret to make himself a name partner, he also went around telling everyone and also demanded that an event be held for him, for which partners were lined up outside to celebrate his new promotion. Louis begrudgingly signs the agreement, which now means Louis cannot use Mike's secret against them without bring himself down as well.

While everyone is in front of the new name on the wall to celebrate Louis' promotion, Jessica gives a speech about how with a new name, they can wipe the slate clean. Harvey privately asks Jessica when she planned on making Louis sign such an agreement, to which she replies that she thought up of it 15 seconds after Donna told her Louis confronted her. Harvey asks why she never told him, and Jessica tells him that Louis needed to see Harvey suffer and that since he isn't a good actor, it was best not to tell him. Harvey apologizes to Jessica, telling her that this is all his fault since he brought Mike to the firm, but she tells him that his dirty little secret is theirs as well, and that now they need to fight like hell to protect it.

Jessica goes to Jeff's office, knowing that since Jeff will always be wondering what Louis has on her, she should tell him the "truth". However, she tells him a half-truth - she tells him that years ago, Daniel Hardman embezzled money from the firm and that when she found out, she hid it from the cops and from the other partners and hid the crime up. She tells Jeff that while she did make Daniel pay the money back, she did alter the books to hide the crime and that Louis found out, and used that to come back and leverage himself as name partner. Jeff wonders why she never trusted him with that information before, and she tells him that she didn't know how he'd react and that she didn't want to lose everything. Jeff hugs her and tells her that her secret is safe with him.

Donna arrives at Louis' office with a piece of cake that reads 'Litt', asking to wipe the slate clean, despite Louis telling her that they weren't friends and she was dead to him. Louis is mad at Donna for lying to him about Mike and from keeping his secret, but she tells him that her loyalty to Harvey is greater than their friendship, and also tells him that not only did she never plan to tell him Mike's secret, but she never planned or told Jessica or Rachel either. Louis is taken aback at this, but asks her a very personal question - if she had ever slept with Harvey. He tells her that unless she answers this, he can't even begin to think of trusting her again. She tells him that she slept with him once, and now that she has divulged this very private information, maybe they can wipe the slate clean.


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Major/Highlighted Events

  • Pearson Specter is officially rebranded as Pearson Specter Litt, following Louis Litt's promotion to name partner.
  • Rachel Zane asks for her father to hire Katrina Bennett as his associate.
  • Jeff Malone, who is aware that Louis resigned from the firm before Jessica Pearson could fire him for tax fraud, questions why he was able to return to the firm and leverage himself as name partner. Knowing that Malone requires an answer as he is having issues trusting her, Jessica tells him that it was because he had just discovered Daniel Hardman's embezzlement that she covered up a few years ago, and had used that secret to return and be promoted to name partner.

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Mike: This firm is changing names more than Prince.


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