"I can't negotiate with a mayor who has an anti-police agenda."
"Where is this coming from? My whole family are cops. I defend the department in court."
"Against Jessica Pearson, who called the department animals and took you for a $4 million verdict.

— Eric McBride and Keri Allen

Eric McBride is a union lawyer for the Chicago Police Department who made his sole appearance in "The Superintendent".


"McBride's a lawyer, he's not a cop."
"Yeah, but he's a union lawyer. He's been with them for 14 years. He's practically one of them."
Bobby Novak and Keri Allen[src]
Eric McBride is a union lawyer who represents the Chicago Police Department, having done so for fourteen years. After Jessica Pearson tarnished the department's reputation after a police brutality case and cost them $4 million, McBride, along with the police officers, began to resent her and had an issue with her being hired by Chicago mayor Bobby Novak. City attorney Keri Allen had spent months negotiating with McBride and the department to renew their contract, although McBride refused to sign so long as Novak was affiliated with Jessica.[1]



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