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Harvey: What are your choices if someone puts a gun to your head?
Mike: What are you talking about? You do what they say or they shoot you.
Harvey: Wrong. You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one, or you call their bluff. Or you do any one of 146 other things. If you can't think for yourself, maybe you aren't cut out for this.

Harvey Specter and Mike Ross

Errors and Omissions is the second episode of the first season of Suits and the second overall. It first aired on June 30, 2011.


A judge insists that Harvey had an affair with his wife, and refuses to listen to any of Harvey's cases. Meanwhile, Louis blackmails Mike in order to get him to win over a prestigious client.


Harvey refuses to allow Mike to join him in the conference room

Mike is playing air hockey with Wyatt, a client, and has already lost four games in a row. Harvey approaches them and informs Wyatt that several investors have arrived, and encourages him to set get up in the conference room. Wyatt is initially nervous when he cannot find the $20 million prototype for the satellite phone he has developed, but Harvey is unfazed and pulls the prototype out of Wyatt's breast pocket. Seeing the investors arrive, they walk towards the conference room, and Harvey relays to Wyatt what he has to say. Mike goes to follow them in, but Harvey refuses to allow him to do so, saying that Mike has not yet earned the privilege to sit at the "adult table", and instead requests that he go back to Pearson Hardman and file a patent for the prototype. Mike informs his superior that he doesn't know how to file a patent, but Harvey is unsympathetic.

Mike informs Rachel of the deal he made with Gregory

At Pearson Hardman, Mike goes to see Rachel to get her help in filing a patent, but she shuts him out of her office. In the break room, Mike meets Gregory Boone, who reveals that he knows how to file a patent claim, giving Mike an idea.

Rachel approaches Mike's cubicle, but he makes her wait in return for her lack of help with his patent claim. He informs Rachel that he negotiated a deal with Gregory to get the claim filed, and that he has to proof the Bainbridge briefs for him in return. With a slight smile, Rachel informs Mike that she was asked by Gregory to give him a key card to the Pearson Hardman print room, and that Gregory called him "a sucker". In the print room, Mike discovers that the Bainbridge briefs consist of several thousand pages, agreeing with Gregory's assertion that he is a sucker.

Louis questions Mike on why he is doing Gregory's job

The next day, Mike meets Harvey and informs his superior that he has been up all night proofing the Bainbridge briefs. Harvey questions Mike on why he has not yet received confirmation of the patent claim for the prototype having been filed, and becomes concerned at Mike's hesitance, informing his associate that the patent claim is the only thing holding up their deal. Mike lies to Harvey and replies that the claim is on his desk. He goes to see Gregory, but finds out that he has not yet filed the patent claim, much to Mike's frustration. Gregory informs Mike that he will file the claim when Mike has finished proofing the Bainbridge briefs, and refuses to do so any sooner despite its importance. Mike rushes to finish his task, before being approached Louis, who questions why he is doing so given that the job was supposed to be Gregory's. Mike lies and says that he volunteered to take the job, adding that Gregory didn't even want him to do so. However, Louis reveals that he knows what happened with Gregory, praising him for his loyalty to his fellow associate. Louis questions why Mike didn't ask Harvey for help with filing the claim, and after Mike responds that Harvey was busy, Louis tells Mike that he can always come to him if he needs assistance, and hands Mike the patent claim that should have been filed. Thanking Louis for his assistance, Mike rushes to Harvey's office to hand him the claim.

Mike and Louis in Louis' office

Later on, Louis calls Mike to his office, and commends him for his work on the Bainbridge briefs. He informs Mike that he likes to pick a "pony" from the herd of associates each year, and asks whether Mike wishes to be that "pony". Mike responds that he works for Harvey, but Louis is unfazed, and invites Mike to lunch with him the next day at the tennis club.

Back at his cubicle, Mike discovers Harvey waiting for him, who promptly informs his associate that their patent claim has been denied, as a similar claim had been filed before theirs. He reveals to Mike that he knows he lied about filing the claim, and Mike tries to defend himself by saying that he told Harvey he didn’t know how to file such a claim. Harvey responds by pointing out that Mike lied to him about filing the claim, and suggests that he phone the Patent Office to find out who filed the other claim, and that they will try to get an injunction to stop them releasing their product first.

Harvey, perplexed at the judge's attitude toward him

At the court house, Harvey is on the phone with Wyatt trying to calm him down regarding the patent issue. As he ends the call, Mike hands him a folder containing information on the company that filed the competing claim. As they enter the court room, Harvey is immediately berated by the judge, Donald Pearl, for having his phone in his hand and for their lateness, fining Harvey $1,000 for "failing to follow the posted rules of the court". The opposing counselor petitions the judge to dismiss the case, and in turn Harvey presents a request for an injunction, but the judge cuts him off mid-sentence, and questions why he was not given a courtesy copy of the injunction. Scolding him again for his attitude, the judge denies his request for an injunction. After issuing his verdict, the judge angrily tells Harvey "better luck next time", prompting Harvey to visit the judge in his office. Harvey questions the judge's behaviour towards him in the court room, his unwillingness to consider his argument, and his apparent hatred of him. The reason for the judge's attitude is revealed when he claims that Harvey had an affair with his wife Lauren, much to Harvey's bewilderment.

Harvey visiting Lauren Pearl at an art gallery

Outside the court house, Mike questions Harvey on what happened, but Harvey doesn't respond, phoning Donna to request she clear his afternoon. He directs Mike to return to Pearson Hardman and file an interference claim with the Patent Office, which may give them a chance to win their case. Taking his leave, he visits an art gallery and approaches a woman who works there, revealed to be the judge's wife, Lauren. He questions her on why she lied to her husband about having an affair with him, reminding her that he sent her home after she made a pass at him. Lauren is unsympathetic, however, and refuses to tell her husband the truth, informing Harvey that her husband paid more attention to her after he believed she had had an affair.

Back at Pearson Hardman, Mike is speaking rather agitated on the phone with the Patent Office, papers spread out over his desk. Louis approaches him to remind him of their scheduled lunch, but Mike informs Louis that he cannot attend due to the importance of the task he has to do for Harvey. Louis is undeterred, however, and promptly ends Mike's call, reminding Mike that he works for him too. When Mike repeats the importance of filing the interference claim, Louis calls over Gregory, and requests that he file the claim in Mike's place, much to Gregory's annoyance.

Mike and Louis at the tennis club

At the tennis club, after easily beating Mike, Louis strikes up a conversation with another attendee, Tom Keller, who runs his own fantasy football site, and invites him and his companion to play, but Tom is uninterested and brushes him off. Louis informs Mike that despite the fact that Tom's company generates $200 million a year, he still uses one of his fraternity brothers as his general counsel, before suggesting they hit the showers.

Harvey goes to see Pearl once again, and barges into his office despite the protests of Pearl's assistant. Harvey informs Pearl that if he refuses to renege on his previous judgement and sign his injunction, he will sue him and have his verdict overturned anyway, ruining Pearl's "sterling reputation". However, Pearl reveals that he has decided to leave the bench, and is divorcing his wife as a result of her affair with Harvey. He makes a proposal to Harvey, stating that he will give Harvey his injunction if he is willing to sign a document confirming that he slept with Pearl's wife, which would prevent her from claiming from taking half of his money.

Whilst being driven back to Pearson Hardman, Harvey receives a call from Wyatt, who professes his nervousness regarding the state of their deal. Harvey reminds Wyatt of similar instances that have happened previously when Wyatt was equally nervous, and that they agreed he would remind Wyatt of those times. He promptly ends the call, despite Wyatt's protests.

Mike striking up a conversation with Tom Keller

Back at the tennis club, Mike and Louis are getting changed, and Louis again bemoans his failure to convince Tom to converse with him, saying that Tom doesn't believe him to be cool because he doesn't smoke pot. He suggests that Mike may be able to have more luck as he is younger, and asks Mike whether he has ever done pot. Mike replies that he doesn't smoke, but Louis states that the drug test Mike took reveals otherwise, before handing him a copy of his test. Louis then requests that Mike smoke pot with Tom to help him land Tom as a client, and that it would be bad for Mike if he refused to do so. He leaves to take a shower just as Tom arrives, and Tom states to Mike that Louis creeps him out. Mike informs him that he is a fan of his site, and easily proves his knowledge of the game. Tom commends Mike for his team selection, to which Mike replies that he would have done better had he not been high before the draft.

Mike riding in the elevator with Jessica whilst he is high

Mike returns to Pearson Hardman, having just got high with Tom, and meets Jessica in the elevator. She questions Mike on how he is doing working with Harvey, to which Mike replies that he is learning a lot from him, though he does so with some degree of nervousness. He returns to his cubicle and is approached by Gregory, who hands him the interference claim that he filed on Mike's behalf. Mike immediately delivers the claim to Harvey, barging into his office whilst Harvey is on the phone with Wyatt. Harvey berates him for doing so, and comments on Mike's strange appearance, asking him why he looks so flushed and sunburnt. Mike informs Harvey about his lunch at the tennis club with Louis, but after asking how he then had the time to file the interference claim, Harvey realizes that Mike is high, and tells him to leave his office.

Mike is washing his face in the restroom when Rachel suddenly appears. Mike questions her appearance, but Rachel informs him that he is in the ladies room. She inquires about his appearance, but Mike leaves, stating that he needs to get some air. Outside Pearson Hardman, Mike tells Rachel what happened at the tennis club with Tom Keller, and chastises himself for having let Harvey down, but Rachel replies by saying that Harvey was the one that let Mike down, and that he has to tell Harvey what happened.

Mike pleading with Harvey to let him keep his job

Harvey is on the phone with the counsel for Velocity, the firm that filed the competing patent claim, but is unwilling to accept their low settlement offer. He counters by claiming that the verdict on his injunction will be over turned, and after some deliberation, they double their offer to $20 million, which would match the cost of creating the prototype.

The next day, Mike goes to see Harvey in his office, and tells him what happened at the tennis club, and how Louis blackmailed him with his failed drug test. Harvey, however, is still angry that Mike followed Louis' orders over his own, and states that Mike should come to him if something like that ever happens. Mike responds by pointing out that he came to Harvey regarding filing the patent claim, and that Harvey should be showing some loyalty to him, but Harvey counters by saying that he was the one to take the fall with Wyatt, and that if Mike wants loyalty from him, he should earn it. Mike pleads with Harvey to trust him, even offering to work for free. This gives Harvey an idea on how to deal with the patent problem, and gets Donna to inform Wyatt he is on his way to see him. Donna then informs them that Jessica wishes to see Mike in her office.

Jessica congratulating Mike on landing his first client

In Jessica's office, Jessica congratulates Mike on landing his first client in the form of Tom Keller, remarking that he reminds her of Harvey. Louis then enters with Tom, wishing to discuss with Jessica some concerns that Tom has regarding the retainer. Tom suggests that it isn't a big deal, but Louis insists. As Jessica and Louis discuss the issues Tom has, Mike approaches him and asks why he is working with Louis, when before he said that Louis creeps him out. Tom, however, says that "a little deviousness is the thing you look for in a good lawyer", and that he has insisted that Mike be his point man. Mike thanks Tom, saying that Jessica would never have known he existed if Tom hadn't done that, as Louis would never have told her that he helped land Tom as a client. Tom says the three of them will make a pretty good team, but Mike proposes another idea.

Harvey and Wyatt discussing the settlement offer from Velocity

Harvey is talking to Wyatt about the $20 million offer the other company has made, an offer that Wyatt is less than enthused about taking, but Harvey informs him that they are going to offer any better. Wyatt asks Harvey whether he thinks he should take the offer, and Harvey replies that he thinks Wyatt should tell them to "shove it up their ass". They go to discuss the settlement with the opposing company, and inform them that rather than fighting the issue in court, they are instead going to release the specifications for the satellite phone on the web for free in 48 hours. The opposing lawyer says that they will file an injunction, but Harvey informs him that by the time they have, the specifications will already be on-line, and Wyatt will have credit for the design, which would be worth more than the settlement offer they have made.

Harvey goes to see Judge Pearl, and informs him that there is an investigation into the his attempt to blackmail Harvey, suggesting that if he was willing to do it to him, he has probably done it before. He then informs Pearl that, despite what he thought, he never slept with Lauren, but that now they are getting divorced, she is free to date whomever she likes, including him.

Louis attempting to blackmail Mike into taking another drug test

Back at Pearson Hardman, Harvey visits Mike in the file room, and asks him to prepare a settlement memorandum for the case with Wyatt, saying that the opposing company has agreed to settle for $400 million. He then gives Mike his real drug test results, which shows that Mike passed, and that Louis used a fake test to blackmail him. Harvey says that he is going to have a talk with Louis, but Mike convinces Harvey to let him go instead. Mike shows the real test results to Louis, and berates him for blackmailing him into doing what he wanted. Louis is unsympathetic, however, and says that because of what he did, Jessica knows Mike's name now, and they managed to bring in a big new client for the firm. Mike agrees, but says that he intends to tell Jessica exactly what Louis did. Louis tried to get Mike to run another drug test, which he knows he will fail, but Mike informs him that according to the Pearson Hardman drug policy, Louis has to wait three months before requesting another drug test. As he leaves, he tells Louis that he spoke to Tom Keller, and convinced him that he would do better working with Mike and Harvey, rather than with Louis, leaving Louis looking dumbfounded.


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  • Wanting to net Tom Keller, a high profile client, Louis Litt enlists the help of Mike Ross, who is forced to hand over the work Harvey assigned to him to another associate. Because Louis cannot relate with Keller, who is younger and smokes weed, Louis convinces Mike to smoke weed and connect with him. When Mike claims that he does not do drugs, Louis shows him the drug test, which states that he failed. Louis offers to turn a blind eye to it if Mike plays ball. Mike then spends the afternoon smoking weed with Tom Keller and discussing his fantasy football league, and Keller signs onto Pearson Hardman.
    • Harvey returns to his office to find a stoned Mike. Insulted that Mike pawned off the work he was assigned to do and did drugs, Harvey sends Mike home. Mike apologizes and offers to work for free for a while, which gives Harvey an idea for his ongoing patent lawsuit.
    • Back at Pearson Hardman, Jessica Pearson congratulates Mike for landing his first high-profile client, which is not a feat many first-year associates achieve. She tells him that he reminds her of a younger Harvey, and Louis decides to discuss the fine points of the deal with Jessica. Mike asks Tom why he is working with Louis when he does not like him, and Tom responds that deviousness is a good trait in a lawyer and that the three of them would make a good team. Mike proposes another offer and instead has Tom drop Louis and opt for Harvey instead. Mike goes to Louis' office later that night to notify him that he has been dropped, only for Louis to state that Mike has to undergo another drug test. Knowing that Mike would fail as he smoked weed earlier, Louis attempts to blackmail Mike; however, Mike reminds Louis that the firm's by-laws, which were written by Louis himself, states that a drug test cannot be administered again so soon, and warns Louis to never attempt to blackmail him ever again.

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  • Due to the pilot being filmed in New York City in actual offices and this episode being filmed on sets in Toronto, the firm's layout and offices, especially Harvey Specter's, are vastly different than the ones shown in "Pilot". The firm wall is also different, having changed to a brown hardwood.


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