"Everything's changed."
Harvey Specter

Everything's Changed is the first episode of the ninth season of Suits and the 125th overall. It first aired on July 17, 2019.


Harvey and Samantha fight to keep Zane's name on the wall. Alex warns Louis of the consequences.


Donna & Harvey (9x1)

Donna and Harvey in bed

Donna Paulsen and Harvey Specter lie in bed, with Harvey telling Donna that he wished he had come to his senses earlier. As Donna tells them that it's time they got some sleep, Harvey tells her that everything has changed. Samantha Wheeler is in the midst of her morning workout when she receives a call from Katrina Bennett regarding the Robert Zane situation, telling her that it's bad and that she needs to come to the firm.

Donna's Apartment (9x1)

Louis comes to visit

Harvey and Donna finish leaving phone calls to Mike Ross and Rachel Zane about their night together. As the pair discuss their relationship, they are interrupted by Louis Litt, who arrives at the apartment to deliver some bad news. Harvey and Donna briefly discuss how to hide Harvey's presence before Harvey states that there is no reason to hide their relationship from Louis. As they open the door, Louis sees the two and assumes that they were working all night to handle the Zane situation, which both Harvey and Donna play along with, while making sexual innuendos the whole time. Louis informs them that they need to issue a press release and presents a statement he had drafted which condemns Robert's actions while signifying that the firm is still supporting him. Before he leaves, Louis tells Harvey that he needs to work with Samantha and sign all of Robert's clients before they find legal representation elsewhere. Donna then asks Harvey not to share the news of them being together with anyone else until the Robert matter is handled.

Alex Williams goes on his morning run, where he encounters Stephen Faulkner, a man who works for the New York State Bar Association. Faulkner commends Alex for exposing a legendary attorney but informs him that Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams needs to remove Robert's name, citing that if they do not do so, they would start losing clients, prompting Alex to ask why the Bar would care whether a firm lost clients or not. Faulkner replies that not removing Robert's name affects not only the character of their firm but also the integrity of the Bar, and adds that it would in the firm's benefit if they removed Robert's name of their own accord. On her way to the firm, Donna phones Thomas Kessler and asks him out for lunch, intending to break up with him.

S09E01Promo06 - Kessler Alex

Thomas Kessler fires the firm

Harvey walks into his office, where Samantha lies in wait for him. Samantha notifies him that three of Robert's clients have put them in review while six of them refuse to take her call, explaining that the only reason clients would leave this fast is if someone else was pushing them to do so. Harvey initially believes that Daniel Hardman is behind it until Samantha discloses that the client notices were dated two days ago, prior to Robert's disbarment, and tells Harvey that they need to pay a visit to Eric Kaldor. Meanwhile, Alex enters his office only to run into Thomas, who informs Alex that he and his company are no longer his or the firm's clients.

Samantha & Eric Kaldor (9x1)

"Call me sweet pea one more fucking time."

Samantha and Harvey head to an ice hockey rink where they witness Eric play. Eric skates over to them, proudly stating that he had notified Robert's clients that he would be stepping down, as he believed Robert would have accepted his original offer of stepping down to defeat Hardman, only to be viewed as Nostradamus in the wake of Robert's disbarment. He attempts to drive a wedge between the pair but fails, and proceeds to offer to stop poaching Robert's clients if Harvey gives him ten of his personal clients, claiming to Samantha that Harvey is the reason Robert got disbarred. As he calls her "sweet pea", she pushes him against the screen, and he states that they should reconsider his offer before informing Samantha that if she touched him again, he would have her disbarred as well.

Samantha & Harvey (9x1)

Samantha bonds with Harvey

Alex notifies Louis on his morning encounters with Thomas and the Bar. Louis accepts that Thomas has left them but claims that the New York State Bar does not have the authority to remove Robert's name, and asks Alex to check whether they truly can while he goes to check on the firm's reputation. Harvey and Samantha head to a restaurant where they share drinks and discuss their strategy, with Samantha stating that they should not turn their back on a teammate and go on the offense. Harvey adds that he and Samantha are so alike as what she is telling him is what he used to tell Mike. Samantha reveals that she was hurting the night before and really appreciated Harvey coming to talk to her, but couldn't understand why he suddenly up and left. Since Donna didn't want any one to know yet, Harvey agrees with her belief that he had left because he needed to be alone.

Later that night, Donna receives a phone call with Thomas, who apologizes for not calling her back, stating that he knew she was going to break up with him since they were going from spending nights together to suddenly going for lunch, and that he couldn't bear to hear what she had to say. Donna tells him that he is a good man and the pair amicably end their relationship.

Sheila & Louis (9x1)

Louis shares his woes with Sheila

Louis heads home to see Sheila Sazs make one of his favorite dishes. Realizing that she is making it because she wishes to comfort him from something bad, he asks her about the firm's reputation, and she divulges that the applicants who had shown interest in working there removed their résumés; additionally, she discloses that she overheard some of them talking and that they believed that the firm did not value their reputation if they were unwilling to remove the name of a disbarred partner. Sheila asks Louis why they wouldn't remove Robert's name when they removed Jessica's, to which Louis responds that it was because Jessica was guilty as she knew about Mike whereas Robert was not. He then informs her that what he is about to say stays between them, and reveals that it wasn't Robert who broke privilege, but Harvey and Donna, and that he does not wish to remove Robert's name as Robert sacrificed greatly on their behalf. Sheila replies that regardless who did it, the world thinks it was Robert and therefore they do not have a choice, and while Louis replies that he values character of self over the reputation of his firm, Sheila retorts that had she not known him personally, she would have agreed with the applicants.

Harvey Specter (9x1)

Harvey talks to Donna

Having returned to his office, Harvey notifies Donna that he cannot come over to her apartment tonight, and tells her that he feels bad for lying to Samantha about needing to be alone when he had rushed out of her office. Donna divulges that she just broke up with Thomas, causing Harvey to briefly regret his decision, informing her that he did not know that she was still dating him when he came over. Donna soothes the blow by claiming that while they hadn't officially broken up, Thomas knew that it was over, adding that Harvey did nothing wrong. As he ends his call with Donna, Samantha walks in with a file of Eric's clients they can target; Harvey suggests that they also go after Ellen Rand's clients, to which Samantha replies by indicating a stack of files in her other hand.

Henry Gerard (9x1)

Henry Gerard is contacted by Louis

In the aftermath of his conversation with Sheila, Louis calls Henry Gerard and explains that he wishes for Henry to help sway candidates their way since Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams does not have a single applicant from the top ten law schools in the country. Louis suggests that Henry make him keynote speaker at the upcoming ethics conference, although Henry adds that Harvard Law School would have to approve of it first. Henry then adds that he does not believe that Robert broke privilege just to stick it to him and Harvey, and realizes it was because of Harvey. While he admonishes Louis for allowing such a crime on his watch, Louis retorts that Henry did worse things and the firm covered it up on his behalf, and tells Henry to have him be keynote speaker by the end of the week.

Harvey and Samantha each go to lunch with one of Eric and Ellen's clients, although they both state that keeping Robert's name proves that the firm stands by his actions. Additionally, they stipulate that since Samantha is Robert's protégé, her name would have to be removed and she would have to be let go if they want them to leave Rand Kaldor to be their clients, to which both Harvey and Samantha refuse. As Samantha returns to her office, unable to contact Harvey to ask what happened during his meeting, she encounters Louis, who reminds her that they need to retain Robert's top clients in order to send a message that their firm can still be trusted. Samantha explains that she has been trying hard to do so but that she cannot get in touch with Harvey, wondering if Harvey is taking the matter seriously, only for Louis to reply that Harvey had spent all night with Donna the night Robert was disbarred trying to find a solution. Realizing that Harvey had lied to her and that he had gone to be with Donna, she informs Louis that she perhaps has figured out a way to retain Robert's clients after all.

S09E01Promo07 - Samantha

Samantha lies in wait for Harvey

Alex is in his office when he receives a call from Faulkner. Alex informs Faulkner that he has looked over precedents for the New York State Bar and that not only do they not have the power to alter the name of a law firm, but that they allowed a firm seven years ago to retain the name of a disbarred name partner. Faulkner responds that while they do not have the power to do so, they do have the authority to change a firm's leadership if it is failing, and suggests to Alex that he replace Louis as managing partner if they do not want the Bar to intercede. As Harvey returns to his office, he realizes Samantha is waiting there for him. Samantha explains that she wants Harvey to give up his clients to save Robert's, revealing that the night she was hurting after losing Robert because of Harvey's actions, Harvey left to go sleep with the woman whose fault it really was.

Sheila & Katrina (9x1)

Sheila meets Katrina Bennett

Sheila pays a visit to the firm, where she and Katrina meet for the first time. She admits that she doesn't like Katrina but asks for help, telling her that she refuses to have the firm go down in ruins while Louis is at its helm. Sheila asks Katrina to convince Louis to drop Robert's name, but asks not to divulge that she came to pay her a visit, citing that Louis believes she is at book club reading Eat, Pray, Love. Katrina replies that Eat, Pray, Love is a book Louis has either already read or will want to read with her, and that she should instead go with Amazons, as it is a book about hockey that Louis would never pick up. Sheila thanks her for the advice, claiming she is starting to care for Katrina now, and adds that Katrina physically reminds her of her except for the fact that Katrina is much more attractive although with a far less sexual magnetism. As she leaves, she imparts some "friendly advice", informing Katrina that her beauty is a turn-off and that she should adopt a frumpy appearance.

S09E01Promo20 - Harvey Donna

Harvey has a talk with Donna

Following his run-in with Samantha, Harvey heads to Donna's office, notifying her that Samantha knows about them. While Donna understands where Samantha is coming from, Harvey responds that he cannot accept the things Samantha said to him and that he would have punched her if she wasn't a woman. Donna reminds him that Samantha does not like being treated differently for being a woman, and that since Samantha loves to fight, Harvey should box with her and that way they can get it out of their system. Harvey retorts that he is not hitting a woman, while Donna adds that Samantha has military training and that in a fight, she believes Samantha would win. Harvey begins to leave in bewilderment, although Donna adds that they would both like to fight each other and that for Harvey to refuse getting in the ring with her just because she is a woman would be disrespectful of her.

Alex Williams' Office (9x1)

Katrina convinces Alex to remove Robert Zane's name

The next morning, Harvey heads to Samantha's gym and the two begin to punch one another in the ring. Meanwhile, Katrina gets to the firm early in the morning to talk privately with Alex, informing him that since he needs to convince Louis to have Robert's name removed. Alex refuses on the notion that Robert did not actually commit the crime, and Katrina responds that while she is aware of it, Robert told the world that he did. Alex agrees that the firm's reputation is negatively affected every day that Robert's name is kept, and Katrina reminds him that he owes her a favor; Alex then tells her that he would talk to Louis and convince him to remove Robert's name.

Harvey & Samantha (9x1)

Harvey and Samantha come to terms

In the aftermath of their fight, Harvey and Samantha compliment each other on their fighting. Harvey apologizes for his actions and offers to give up ten of his clients to Eric, although Samantha replies that Robert would not want that and that they should simply fight to keep Robert's clients and accept if they lose some, so long as the firm keeps Robert's name, and Harvey accepts the suggestion. While in his office, Louis receives a phone call from Henry, who informs him that not only has Harvard denied having Louis become keynote speaker, but that the students are not going to won over by speeches but rather by action, and would not consider his firm unless Louis took action by removing Robert's name. As he ends his call, Alex walks in and reveals that the Bar has the power to have another name partner forcibly become managing partner, and that if that happens, the Bar might be able to do other things to their firm; to prevent that, they would have to comply with their wishes and have Robert's name removed. Since there are only five partners who have voting rights on the matter, they require three votes to change the name of the firm; since both Donna and Samantha would vote no whereas Alex and Louis would now vote yes, Harvey would be the deciding vote.

Eric Kaldor's Office (9x1)

Harvey gives six of his clients to Eric Kaldor

Louis heads to Harvey's office to convince Harvey to vote in his favor, although Harvey replies that he gave his word to Samantha that he would agree to retain Robert's name. Before they can discuss the matter further, Samantha interrupts the meeting and informs the pair that if they remove Robert's name from the firm's name, she would not only leave, but that she would inform the State Bar of the truth. Not wanting to betray his word to Samantha or have Robert's sacrifice be in vain, Harvey heads to Eric's office and hand delivers his ten clients.

Donna & Samantha (9x1)

Samantha spends time in Robert's office

Donna finds Samantha inside Robert's office and apologizes for his actions, and Samantha assures her that it isn't entirely her fault, disclosing that Robert had taken the blame because he felt guilty for something he had done on Samantha's behalf, and therefore she blames herself for Robert's decision. Alex heads to Katrina's office to inform her that they are retaining Robert's name. Katrina notifies him that he is no longer in her debt as he successfully convinced Louis, and he replies by stating that she could still ask him for help in the future if she needs it. Katrina suspects that Alex knows something more regarding the matter that he is not sharing, although Alex reassures her that it is not worth mentioning.

Donna & Harvey Kiss (9x1)

Donna and Harvey share a kiss

Donna goes to Mike and Rachel's old apartment at Harvey's behest, wondering why he invited her there. Harvey discloses that when Mike suddenly left New York, he asked Harvey to rent out the apartment on his behalf; wanting to retain the apartment in case they ever returned, Harvey created a fake tenant and had been paying the rent every month. Harvey tells Donna that a week ago, he wouldn't have slept with her if he knew she was still with Thomas, but that the moment he realized he wanted to be with her, he felt like he was already in a relationship with her. He adds that he thought he was going to lose everything at the hearing, and despite not losing, he felt empty in the aftermath, and that things finally made sense when they got together. He then admits that the name he used for the fake tenant was none other than Rick Sorkin, which Donna remembers is the name of the applicant who didn't show up to Harvey's associate interviews. Harvey tells Donna that he loves that she gets him, and the pair kiss.

Faye Richardson (9x1)

Faye Richardson takes control of the firm

Back at the firm, Louis stares at the name wall as he prepares to leave. However, a woman named Faye Richardson exits the elevators to meet him. Faye explains that has been ordered by the New York State Bar Association to become their new managing partner under the Special Master provision, and reveals to Louis that if he does not sign over the firm to her, the Bar would suspend him every partner at the firm for practicing law for six months.


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Major/Highlighted Events

  • The New York State Bar Association informs Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams to remove Robert Zane's name from their firm, and for Alex Williams to take over as managing partner. When the firm refuses to obey both requests despite losing clients, the Bar appoints Faye Richardson to forcibly take control of the firm as managing partner as per their Special Master provision.
  • Since Mike Ross still owns his apartment and never got a chance to rent it out himself, he asks Harvey Specter to do so. Wanting to keep the apartment in case they return, Harvey created a fake tenant under the name "Rick Sorkin", the name of the applicant Mike briefly impersonated the day Harvey hired him, and has been paying the rent himself every month.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 2


  • A huge conflict in this episode is Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams wanting to retain Robert Zane's name despite his disbarment, with Alex even stating that a firm in the past had kept the name of a disbarred partner. However, in the season 7 episode "Donna", Harvey claimed that a disbarred partner was not allowed to have their firm keep their name, which is the sole reason why Pearson Specter Litt was forced to become Specter Litt and later Zane Specter Litt.
  • Harvey and Donna repeatedly mention that it has been 12 years since they met and were last intimate; however, it has been nearly 15 years since their last night together ("The Other Time") and has been even longer since they began working together at the D.A.'s office.


Louis: You were up all night trying to figure out how you were gonna handle the Zane situation.
Harvey: We were indeed.
Donna: Up all night.
Harvey: Thinking about the situation.
Louis: Well, I can't believe it. You should have called me. We could have done it together.
Donna: Could have, but it's probably best that we didn't.
Harvey: I don't know, they do say the more the merrier.
Donna: Harvey.
Louis: You know what, I don't care that you left me out. The most important thing is that you guys were banging it out all night.
Harvey and Donna: That we were.
Louis: So what'd you come up with?
Harvey: Probably nothing as helpful as what you've come up with.
Louis: Well, the only thing I know is that we need to put out a press release as soon as possible.
Harvey: Then you came to the right place, because Donna is top notch at releases.
Donna: Why, thank you, Harvey. You know, you're not so bad yourself.
Louis: Will you please stop stroking each other's egos? I'm just as good at releasing as either one of you. In fact, I hammered one out this morning.
Donna: [to Harvey] Don't.
Eric: You keep hitching your wagon to the wrong man, sweet pea.
Samantha: You didn't drive a wedge between anything, you piece of shit. Call me "sweet pea" one more fucking time.
Louis: [to Alex] I wanna check to see how bad our reputation is. You're gonna make sure that they don't have the authority to take that name down, and then we're gonna tell the New York Bar to go fuck themselves.
Faulkner: Alex, if you don't take action, there will be consequences.
Louis: There have already been consequences, Steve. And you came to me with two proposals, so let me give you my two answers. Go to hell and go fuck yourself.
Sheila: I have to admit, when I look at you I see myself. Though, more attractive, with far less sexual magnetism.
Katrina: Why would you say that to me?
Sheila: Because I'm starting to care about you, and truth be told, your beauty's a turn-off. Friendly advice: you might want to frump it up a bit.
Samantha: You gave me your word that Robert's name stays up. Did you tell him that?
Harvey: Yes, I did.
Samantha: Then what the fuck is going on here?
Louis: What's going is, if we don't do this, this firm has no future.
Samantha: Then let me be clear: if you do this, I'm gone, and you'll be lucky if I don't go to the Bar and tell them what really happened.


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