Frank Carvello is a tenant who, with the help of Mike Ross, sought justice against his landlord Johnny Karinski. He made his sole appearance in "Dirty Little Secrets".


Frank Carvello lived as a single child in a two-parent household in a rent-controlled apartment in New York City. Following his parents' deaths, Frank lived in the apartment alone. However, his landlord, Johnny Karinski, wished to convert the apartment into a high-rise condominium and attempted to force Frank out, by withholding utilities and eventually installing a carpet ridden with bedbugs. Frank filed a lawsuit against Karinski, which was taken pro bono by Pearson Hardman, with Mike Ross representing Frank.

Frank was given an eviction notice by Karinski, causing the group to attend housing court. However, Karinski's attorney, Vivien Tanaka, disputed that the matter at hand was unpaid rent and that if Frank did not have the rent money in escrow, Karinski would be in the right, with the presiding judge in agreement. However, Mike was able to exact a settlement after discovering and proving that Karinski had knowingly introduced bedbugs in order to drive out tenants who did not buy into the conversion.[1]


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