Frank Gallo was an inmate incarcerated at Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury for racketeering. He was investigated for conspiracy to commit murder. After he agreed to testify against Reform Corporation and Masterson Construction, they arranged for him to be murdered in his cell.


On Mike Ross' first night, Frank posed as Mike's new cellmate and pretended to befriend him, conning him into texting Rachel Zane from his phone. However, it was revealed that Frank was prosecuted by Harvey Specter thirteen years ago and that Frank was attempting to get back at Harvey through Mike.[1]

In "100", he was murdered by Masterson Construction and Reform Corporation to prevent him from testifying against them.


While in prision, he made a deal with Robert Zane to testify agasint reformcorp in exchange for money for his daugter.

In an to attempt protect Alex Williams, who was an unwitting co-conspiritor in the crime between Reformcorp, Masterson Construction, and Thomas Batton (Name Partener of Batton Gould), Harvey tried to discredit Frank as a witnes by claiming that he was commiting perjury and Robert was allowing it as Frank was threatening his daugther Rachel.

The next day when Harvey went to the judge's home to try and convince him of what sort of man Frank was, the judge informed him that it didnt really matter since Frank Gallo had been killed in his cell that previous night.

It was presumed that he was killed to keep him quite, which was ultimatly for nought. before his death Frank had made a video with Robert Zane, in which he confessed to killing a guard on the orders of the roger shapiro, CEO of Reformcorp. This tape would be admissable in court as it would qualify for the deathbed exception. Harvey and Robert used this tape to Blackmail roger Shapiro into settling the suit for a huge payout to the plaintiffs as well as signing an admission of Thomas Batton's involement in the whole scheme.

Using this admission, Harvey and Alex were able to force Thomas into reitrement and thus protecting Alex.

Later Robert Zane and Mike Ross toasted Frank, with Mike eventually going to see Denise, Frank's daugter. Mike handed her a check saying that he knew Frank and that he wanted her to have the money. before leaving he also admitted that Frank was a decent man.



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