"I went to Wall Street so I could make some money before getting into teaching myself. I never thought I'd have to worry if they let convicted felons teach."
— Gabby Stone

Gabrielle "Gabby" Stone was a stock trader who worked for Morello Asset Management.


Gabby Stone grew up with two parents, her father being a teacher. Gabby wished to follow in her father's footsteps, but after witnessing her father's pension being revoked, decided to work on Wall Street to gain wealth before becoming a teacher. She became employed as a stock trader at Morello Asset Management. In 2011, she was given an illegal tip sheet by Burt Kimball to purchase stock from Lunardi Pharmaceuticals. After Gabby purchased stock for over $10 million and received a large windfall, the stock was investigated by th DOJ and she was thrown under the bus by Kimball, who claimed she made the trade on her own volition.

Kimball had a lawyer acquaintance of his, Nick Zegan, "represent" Gabby, ensuring that Gabby would take the fall. Gabby accepted a deal for eleven months in prison, but fled Pearson Hardman after Mike Ross left the room in order to return to her workspace, desperate to find the tip sheet. Located by Mike and Harvey Specter, she was delivered to prison. However, her incarceration was brief, as her name was cleared by Harvey, resulting in her freedom.[1]


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