"I see you like to cut to the chase."
"You ever hear the saying "time is money"? Well, I got a shitload of one, because I don't waste the other.

Alex Williams and Gavin Andrews

Gavin Andrews is the head of Starboard Airlines and a client of Alex Williams and Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams.

Initially a client of Samantha Wheeler's during her time at Rand, Kaldor & Zane, she left him to Rand Kaldor when she and Robert Zane left to form Zane Specter Litt as neither of them wanted to continue their business with Gavin due to his criminal tendencies.


Gavin Andrews is the CEO of Starboard Airlines, a major airline company. Initially represented by Samantha Wheeler and Rand, Kaldor & Zane, Gavin and Starboard were clients that Samantha and Robert Zane did not take with them to Zane Specter Litt, leaving him to be represented by Eric Kaldor at Rand Kaldor.

Wanting to impress Robert with a big client, Alex Williams approaches Gavin in order to land Starboard Airlines, although Gavin only agreed to give Alex his business under two conditions; one, Alex would personally handle any legal matters himself without pawning it off to other associates and partners, and two, he retrieve a Renoir painting from his ex-wife.[1] Alex successfully retrieved the painting from his ex-wife, and discovered that Gavin had published an official announcement that claimed Starboard Airlines had officially hired Zane Specter Litt as their attorneys. However, Gavin then asked Alex to launder money for him through the Cayman Islands, with Alex knowing full well that if he refused, Gavin would fire ZSL which would then make the firm look bad for losing a big client right after signing them. However, Alex worked with Samantha and discovered that Gavin had a trust in the Cayman Islands run by his niece, whom Gavin had set up to take all responsibility if the laundering crimes were revealed. Alex informed this to Gavin's niece, who signed over the trust to Alex to absolve herself from bearing any responsibility, and proceeded to invest Gavin's money legally in the Cayman Islands. Alex notified Gavin of his actions, warning Gavin that he would not do anything illegal for him.[2]

Sometime later, Gavin calls Alex after a Vermeer painting one of his planes were carrying was damaged after a hull depressurization, informing Alex that his insurer, Dexhart Insurance, refuses to honor. Samantha, who represents Dexhart, had convinced them to dishonor the claim on the grounds that she believed Gavin had orchestrated the plane's depressurization himself.[3] Samantha later hacked into a server and found footage where Gavin had spoken to someone else about how the price of his personal Vermeer painting would significantly increase if there was one less Vermeer in the world, which gave a strong implication that he intentionally destroyed the Vermeer he had been transporting for someone else. Despite the fact that the evidence was inadmissible as Samantha obtained it illegally, Samantha assured him that she would not use it in court but would play it for Starboard Airlines' board members, who would then have Gavin fired at the least. Gavin pleaded with Samantha, offering to settle the case by paying for the insured cost of the Vermeer without involving Dexhart and asking for a day to convince the board members to do so. While Samantha initially refused, she gave in once Gavin mentioned that he had kids and that it would affect their lives if he was exposed for his actions and fired.

However, having gained an additional 24 hours before Samantha turned him in, Gavin called Alex and informed him of the incriminating video. As Alex needed to win to become name partner over Samantha, Alex asked Katrina Bennett to impersonate Samantha, walk into Dexhart's offices and gain confidential files. As the information in the files would have legally been in discovery, had Samantha not intentionally refused to acknowledge them and had asked Robert to hide them, Alex used the files to garner a win against Samantha and ensuring victory for Gavin.[4]



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