Gerald Tate is a businessman whose company was involved in the purchase of another business run by a man named Mr. Cooper. The purchase was overseen by Pearson Hardman, but Gerald subsequently fired the firm after discovering that Harvey had conned him into signing the deal.[1]


Gerald Tate hired Pearson Hardman to oversee the purchase of a company run by Mr. Cooper. Pearson Hardman was able to negotiate a deal which got Gerald everything he wanted, but he subsequently refused to sign the deal, as he was opposed to Mr. Cooper having the title of Honorary Vice-President.

S01E01P Harvey 02

Gerald confronting Harvey over the state of his deal.

Gerald confronted Jessica over the state of his deal, but the situation was defused by Harvey's arrival. Gerald suggested that the fault lied with the other company, but after looking at the deal, Harvey proposed that the fault was actually with Gerald for having refused to sign the deal that they had negotiated. Gerald stated his opposition to Cooper having the honorary title, and questioned what Harvey intended to do to remedy the situation. Harvey however, refused to do as Gerald asked, stating that his firm didn't operate in bad-faith. Gerald, realizing that Harvey was playing him, threatened to hire another firm to close his deal, but Harvey responded that he had already received notification of payment after Cooper had signed, and suggested again to Gerald that he accept the deal. Gerald, after questioning Jessica on whether she would allow Harvey to speak to him in that way, left the office to sign the deal.

Later on, however, Gerald discovered that Harvey had lied to him about the firm being paid, and subsequently fired Pearson Hardman.


Season 1


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