"You once told me you could fix anything, Harvey."
— Gillian Colson to Harvey Specter

Gillian Colson is a long-time client of Harvey Specter whose son, Liam, was involved in a collision that resulted in the death of a young man named Albert Chung.


"Gillian, Liam needs to turn himself in."
"It was an accident."
"Exactly. So, if he comes forward, he's a 20 year old kid who freaked out. But now, he's doing the right thing. [...] If they come to us, which I know they will, we'll be on the defensive. We'll never recover."
"You can't know that. They might never find him."
"Do you really wanna risk your son's life on that?"
Harvey Specter, Gillian Colson and Liam Colson[src]

After her son Liam arrived home and informed his mother that he had been involved in a collision, Gillian called Harvey Specter asking for his help. Harvey arrived at the Colson's house together with Mike Ross, and interrogated Liam about what had happened. Whilst Mike left to find out the identity of the person Liam had hit, Gillian went with Harvey and her son to inspect the damage to Liam's car. After looking at the car, Harvey consoled Gillian and Liam that the position and extent of the damage backed up Liam's story that the person he hit came out of nowhere. Upon Mike's return with the information that the man Liam hit, Albert Chung, was stable, Harvey informed Gillian that Liam should turn himself in. Gillian reiterated to Harvey that what happened was an accident, but Harvey informed her that it would put them in a better position than if the police came to them. Gillian was skeptical that anyone would discover Liam was involved, but after Mike pointed out that the decision was ultimately Liam's, she allowed him to turn himself in.[1]


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