"Dear Harvey and Jessica, there comes a time when a man must look at himself in the mirror, to judge himself instead of waiting to be judged by others. And for me, that time is now. [...] Although we've had our differences over the years, there are no two people I respect more. Your names are on the wall for a reason, and mine is not for a reason. And I refuse to put either one of you through the pain of having to fire me. So, effective immediately, I, Louis Litt, am resigning from Pearson Specter. Please take care of my home."
Louis Litt

Gone is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Suits and the 53rd overall. It first aired on August 13, 2014.


Sean begins a round of depositions for the SEC investigation, endangering the employees.


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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Željko Ivanek as Eric Woodall
  • Allan Royal as Judge Hopkins
  • Callum Holland as Young Mike

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Sean Cahill begins his deposition of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross, believing that they both colluded on the Gillis Industries takeover, citing that Mike conveniently left Sidwell Investment Group after the takeover was complete and was rehired at Pearson Specter; Cahill also reveals that he consulted with twenty other law firms and discovered that Mike never submitted a resume to any of them, believing that the reason is because Harvey always intended to hire him back after the takeover ended.
  • In an attempt to fix the mess, Louis Litt heads down to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to confess to Cahill, only to be taken aside by Eric Woodall. When Louis confesses, Woodall states that he does not care about him or Charles Forstman and sends him back to the firm.
    • Louis relays this to Mike, Harvey and Jessica; Mike realizes that the head of a federal agency allowing the crime to pass with no consequences would indicate that Woodall and Forstman are allied. After going through various documents and files, Mike discovers that Forstman made numerous and hefty donations to three senators, and that those very same senators appointed Woodall as the head of the S.E.C. However, the only way to prove the collusion is in Woodall's bank accounts, which only Cahill has access to.
    • Harvey, Mike and Louis pay a visit to Cahill at the S.E.C., where Harvey hands over the incriminating document implicating Louis and Forstman, asking for no charges filed against Louis in exchange for ousting Woodall's corruption. The trio explain to Cahill that Forstman had Woodall stationed at the agency and that the proof is in Woodall's bank accounts, which Cahill refuses to believe. When Woodall enters the room, he denies hearing about Louis' confession or about being involved with Forstman; when Cahill asks for Woodall to open his bank accounts to prove his innocence, Woodall falters and refuses. Cahill then drops the charges and the case against Pearson Specter.
  • With the ordeal seemingly behind them, Jessica Pearson decides to fire Louis, citing all the things Louis has done that makes him unfit to be a trustworthy member of the firm. Harvey asks to fire him in her stead, although he is greeted by a resignation letter on Louis' desk, as Louis opted to resign rather than be fired by Jessica or Harvey.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 11
  • It is revealed that two months has passed since "Leveraged" (five episodes ago).
  • When Katrina asks Louis if he's ever seen any mafia movie ever made, he heavily implies he hasn't, responding that he isn't a fan of the genre and that he finds it offensive to Italians. However, in the season 3 episode "Moot Point", he quotes The Godfather, informing Harvey that he had seen the movie in order to find more common ground with him.


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