Gregory Boone was an associate at Pearson Hardman who made his sole appearance in "Errors and Omissions".


Gregory Boone was an associate at Pearson Hardman who intercepted Mike Ross in the coffee room. After realizing that Mike did not know how to file a patent form, Gregory initiated a deal; he would fill out and file the patent form under the condition that Mike proof-read his Bainbridge briefs. However, the briefs were numerous, and Mike realized he had been tricked by Gregory, who refused to file the form until the proofing had been completed.

After Louis Litt discovers what Gregory did, he files the patent form himself, and invites Mike to a tennis club for lunch. Realizing that Mike could not attend as he had to file a patent interference claim, Louis ordered Gregory to file the claim before he and Mike returned. Following Mike's return, Gregory presented the claim to Mike, informing the new associate that he owed him, although Mike, who was under the influence of marijuana, merely hugged Gregory, thanking him before bringing the filed claim to Harvey Specter's office.[1]


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