"Allison Holt, Robert Zane; both came after you. And now, you have 45 cases you can't afford. So, pay me 15 million dollars. Fight Monica and lose. Fight Monica and win. Doesn't matter. Any way you slice it, I'm going to bleed you dry."
Daniel Hardman

He's Back is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Suits and the 26th overall. It first aired on February 7, 2013.


With the resources of the firm stretched to the limit, Daniel Hardman returns with an outrageous lawsuit against Jessica.


Since Robert Zane has dropped out of the gender discrimination suit against Pearson Hardman, Folsom Foods has hired Daniel Hardman to defend them. And not only that, but Monica Eton is filing her own wrongful termination suit against Jessica Pearson, with Hardman as her lawyer. And since Pearson Hardman is bound by the confidentiality agreement Jessica signed with Daniel, they cannot use Daniel's affair with Monica as a reason for her Monica's termination years ago.

Daniel then makes Mike guilty by making Mike think it was his idea that made Daniel and Monica pursue the lawsuit. He also tries to pit Harvey against Jessica by convincing Harvey that Jessica does not trust him.

Meanwhile, Rachel is busy filling out her application form to Harvard and is tense about writing her essay. Rachel is determined to get into Harvard enough to not have a back-up law school, so she can work at Pearson Hardman.

Both Louis and Donna are still bitter about Daniel's betrayal, which included sabotaging and using both of them. Louis wants in on the case, but Donna is sure that Harvey won't let him. Louis states that he still feels guilty for betraying them to Hardman, but Donna reassures him that their issues are a thing of the past.


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  • Daniel Hardman is contracted by Rand, Kaldor & Zane to handle the 45 gender discrimination suits by Folsom Foods, as well as representing Monica Eton in a gender discrimination suit towards Jessica Pearson, with Hardman having used Mike's lawsuit from "Rewind" and changing the name "Daniel Hardman" to anonymous.
  • Because Jessica signed a confidentiality agreement, Pearson Hardman is not allowed to disclose Hardman's embezzlement or his affair with Monica.
  • Monica files a sexual harassment suit against Louis Litt.
  • Hardman notifies Harvey that whether they settle the case, break the confidentiality agreement and pay the fine, or take the Monica case to trial along with the other 45 gender discrimination cases, the end result would still be that the firm's financial resources would be depleted.
  • Mike convinces Monica to settle her gender discrimination suit against Jessica as they both know Jessica did not fire her due to her gender and her suit is preventing 113 women, who were unfairly treated in a sexist manner, from seeking justice.
  • Hardman notifies Harvey that when he and Jessica usurped the firm from Gordon, Schmidt and Van Dyke, they removed the names from the wall and changed the firm's name to Pearson Hardman immediately. Harvey retorts that Jessica wanted to change the name but he told her not to, although Hardman sees through his lie and correctly deduces that the firm's name is still Pearson Hardman because Jessica is not willing to make Harvey name partner.
    • Jessica tells Harvey to remove Hardman's name off the wall and pays a visit to Robert Zane, offering to take him up on his former offer to merge firms. However, Zane realizes that Pearson Hardman is in a position of weakness and refuses the offer, and divulges that Hardman has instituted the Rocket Docket practice in order to cripple Pearson Hardman.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 4
  • Jessica's middle name is revealed to be Lourdes.
  • Monica Eton is revealed to have been employed at Pearson Hardman from 2003-2007.
  • It is revealed that prior to Hardman and Jessica's coup, the firm was known as "Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke".
  • Louis claims that he is the reason Hardman got the majority vote for managing partner, meaning that Hardman won by one vote.


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